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vs1 said:
I think that Kim takes her commitments seriously. She had committed to play there and she honoured it. I am not saying that she tanked and lost on purpose. Of course not. But she probably wasn't as motivated...and having secured the #1 ranking and having the US Open approaching...she was probably also a little relieved that she now had a few extra days to rest. So I think that it affected her motivation. But she showed up because she SAID she was going to show up. And with all of the seeds withdrawing because of injuries, she probably also felt a bit more obligation from the tournament. They couldn't afford ANOTHER contender pulling out. For crying out loud, this is a Tier I event!!!
I totally agree. I think this is exactly why she played. I'm sure Allaster appreciated it very much. I appreciated it too ;) the Rogers was my only chance to see Kim although she would have been better off resting..I'm definatly glad she came :D

btw for the record..I think if she was going to skip a tournie she should have skipped LA.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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