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The comments after Kim's loss against Lina

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I thought the reactions of Kim's entourage after her loss were really strange. Saying they were actually happy Kim had lost, so now she could rest a bit for the USopen. What I don't understand then is why she decided to play in te first place, if she needed the rest, shouldn't she have pulled out? I think Lina didn't get the credit she deserved for beating Kim, implying she would have won if she was fresh. I just don't think it were nice reactions

Kim's comment:

"I just don't think that I had the right preparation. Especially with the traveling," she said. "But I decided to play. I think today was just one match too much. I just ran out of batteries in the second and the third."

Of course Kim did give Lina credit:
"After coming here from Los Angeles, and the jet lag, it was difficult...But she played very well in the second and third sets and she didn't make any mistakes,"

Then Lei, Kim's father:

",,Dit is een goeie zaak in de voorbereiding op de US Open'', oordeelde vader Leo.
He says it's a good thing she lost, it's better for her preparation of the USopen.
And Marc Dehous said about the same thing on Belgian television
I am sorry but if that's the case, why do you play?

I wonder if it's just Kim who decides about the schedule, one would think the entourage would advice her not to play so much.
I really don't want to attack Kim, I just really question her scheduling... What do you guys think?
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Today in "het laatste nieuws", as we all know, a quality newspapaper ;) (well, for sports, they arn't too bad):

Martina Navrtailova: I hope Kim has learnt her lesson
Marc Dehous: I wasn't really 'pro' the fact of Kim playing here, but she really wanted too, she didn't want to let the organizers down. Maybe she'll learn from this.
Journalist: Kim's entourage should protect Kim against herself (sic) if she doest have the sense to know 4 tournies in a row is too much
Navratilova: I once played four tournies in a row,... never again! after those 4 weeks I had to stay in bed for a week, I don't think this is the perfect prepartion to the USopen for Kim!

+ : Kim has a slight strain and pain in her lower back :unsure:

me: I think it's nice of Kim to try and make everyone happy, but it's not good for her bode if you ask me...
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