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somthing she will have to learn to do. i don't think she has ever seen the "physical" capability of her body. now she has. so in the future, i think she will be quick to no when to pull out of the tournies, and when not to. personally after five weeks in a row, you think the lightbulb would've went off.

i still say its the fact, that everyone is talking about the only and again only reason why she became number 1 was b/c of the fact that physically she is able to play so much and continue to win. the gurl isn't immortal. like we had to find out with serena from comments made about her. so it did look bad for kim to say that she just ran out of batteries. and have the week before this gurl that can play all the time and keep getting to semis and finals. i've always questioned her play coming up to the usopen. i still question it during the usopen. i don't even think she will get to the semis. its sad that Serena is out, cuz i really wanted venus at nuber 5, and in kim's quarters. kim hasn't had to prove herself. as in like Serena with Jennifer in the quarters, justine in the semis and then venus in the finals. or at the french, amelie quarters, justine semis, and had she won, kim would've been waiting. kim hasn't had to do that yet, so when it comes, it will be interesting to see how she fares having to take out at least 2 top 10 players, instead of just 1 in a tournie :)
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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