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Wimbledon Points is still not off the table, there is more to this than we think.

I bet wimbledon are threatening slam points behind closed doors, slams will not be pushed around by WTA.
Yeah I agree. But I think either slam points or ATP / WTA backtracking their decision will happen probably after 11th July (retroactively awarding points, if needed). There’s not enough time to do it BEFORE the 11th imho

Also considering that in any case the main driver for the decision would be the USO counting Wimbledon points for their entry and seeding, with entry lists theoretically published on 18th July.

The fact that if they backtrack they will probably do it after 11th July is good, in this case, because it would mean Emma is almost assured her #10 spot for a week at least.

Then if they reinstate the points later it’s even better because it means if she does well at Wimbledon, those points will stay in her ranking till July 2023 :)
221 - 240 of 1983 Posts