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Season Two: Berlin Bol​

Defending Champions:
Jelena Dokic (8)
Daniela Hantuchova-Jelena Dokic (not playing together)

Welcome to Berlin, the start of the clay season on the WGTA.

Singles Draw!

Doubles Draw!
Daniela Hantuchova/Ashley Harkleroad (1) vs. BYE
BYE vs. Alicia Molik/Tamarine Tanasugarn
Lindsay Davenport/Chanda Rubin vs. ???/Magdalena Grzybowska
BYE vs. Jelena Dokic/Jennifer Capriati
Elena Dementieva/Kim Clijsters vs. BYE
BYE vs. Venus Williams/Cara Black
Nicole Pratt/Maria Sharapova vs. Anabel Medina Garrigues/Serena Williams
BYE vs. Anna Kournikova/Martina Hingis (2)

(Magdalena pick a player, and send me an extra set of points out of 100)

Weekly Schedule
Monday: Points are due
Tuesday: Singles Round of 32; Doubles round of 16
Wednesday: Singles Round of 16; Doubles Quarter Finals
Thursday: Singles Quarter Finals
Friday: Singles Semi Finals; Doubles Semi Finals
Saturday: Singles Final; Doubles Final​

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I wasn't going to play doubles because supposely I'm injured ;) but as I am already in the draw, I'll change my ideas. I think I can play togheter with Martina Hingis as I don't see her in the draw. It would be great to have the spice girls playing doubles :)

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AnnaK_Fan said:
I wasn't going to play doubles because supposely I'm injured ;) but as I am already in the draw, I'll change my ideas. I think I can play togheter with Martina Hingis as I don't see her in the draw. It would be great to have the spice girls playing doubles :)
I can take you out of the draw...Martina is with Magdalena

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Women's Look Forward: Berlin​

As we move into the clay season on the WGTA, all eyes point to Elena Dementieva. It was this time last season that Dementieva arrived on tour, and she took it by storm. Reaching the finals in Berlin last year, Dementieva would then go on to win four straight events, including Roland Garros. And now she has to defend her points.

Let's break down the draw. For the first time in WGTA history, there is a draw of 32. Most all players have a bye into the 16's though.

Daniela Hantuchova is #1 in the world, by far, after just winning her second straight Australian Open. She starts with a bye into the 16's where she'll face Lindsay Davenport. Davenport has yet to win a match on tour, and Hantuchova is playing great. It would be the biggest upset in history of the tour.

Below them, players are right into the 16's as well. And it's an Aussie rematch with Ashley Harkleroad and Magdalena Grzybowska. Maggie was very close against Ashley. It will be interesting to see this match up again. And both could very well challenge Hantuchova in the quarter finals.

Kim Clijsters and Tamarine Tanasugarn have byes into the 16's where they'll face each other. Clijsters has been hampered with injury and inconsistent play. Tanasugarn has been playing fairly solid tennis. This could be an upset.

Below them Hingis has a bye in to the 16's, where she'll face the winner of Cara Black and Serena Williams. Both are newcomers to the tour, so it's hard to see who'll win. Although, Hingis should get through.

On the bottom half of the draw Anna Kournikova is seeded 3rd. She was #1 last week, but was injured. She has a bye into the 16's where she'll face the winner of Nicole Pratt and Chanda Rubin. You'd have to like Rubin's chances there, since she's played a few more matches.

Aussie Open semi finalist, Jennifer Capriati has a bye into the 16's, where she'll face defending champ Jelena Dokic. Dokic has been struggling mightly, so look for Capriati to upset.

Venus Williams returns to action this week, after missing the first three weeks of the season. Her #1 dreams were dashed, but she could gain on the top players with a solid result here. She faces Alicia Molik in the 16's.

Maria Sharapova and Anabel Medina Garrigues face off in the 32 for a right to face Elena Dementieva. Dementieva showed signs of regaining her form last week, but it could be a surprise there.

TennisILove09's Predictions
Semi Finals
Hantuchova vs. Hingis
Capriati vs. Venus Williams

Hantuchova vs. Capriati


Hantuchova is #1--regardless. #2 is up for grabs between Dementieva and Kournikova. HIngis COULD take over #3, if Anna loses early and Hingis does very well (finals, winner). Venus has a slight chance at #4, but she looks good at #5. Dokic is the bigger key this week. An early loss, and she could fall out of the top 10.​

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Meet Jelena Dokic!

Jelena Dokic is back on the WGTA Tour, but seems like she has not played her best this seaosn. Losing early in both Sydney and Australian Open to Capriati and Tanasugarn respectively. The same goes to the doubles. The former top double player had to lose out early in the first two tournaments she had entered. Her loss is still a big question for the WGTA tour fans and players. What is on her mind right now? Will she be back to her fine form like previous season. This week, she is the Berlin defending champion, and she needs to work triple hard to retain her title. Loses early here, and she will say goodbye to her top 10. We caught her in the practice court and managed to ask a few questions.

Q. Tell me what happened this few weeks?
Jelena Dokic : Nah, it was all over, wasn't it. You know. I just came back and then you know, there is definately a thing or two that I'm still not used to.. But so far, so good, me and my coach were talking about these things, and then we thought there will definately be a time when you know, for me to win, i mean not one but few wins in a row.

Q. So are these losses disappointing to you?
Jelena Dokic : Definately, who would want to lose early especially in the Grand Slam. But it's not that I wasn't trying. These players had definately stepped up their level when I left, but you know, the point is I'm trying and I'm pleased with what I did.

Q. You mean you lost early and you are pleased?
Jelena Dokic : Again, I said, it was disappointing, but in tennis, you will have up and down. Sometimes you are down, and sometimes you are up. You can't, you know even Daniela or Anna can't stay on top all the time. They will be definately a time when they are losing. So far what I did was good, so I would say at this point I'm happy.

Q. This week, you are the defending champion.
Jelena Dokic : Yeah, this is going to be tough. But I will sure try my best this time, and I will just focus on one thing at a time, you know. Concentrate on the coming first match.

Q. Any pressure?
Jelena Dokic : You must be kidding. (smiling) Yeah, I mean, people will not favour me to win this time, but I personally have my own target. And yeah I'm pressuring myself to get better this time, you know. At least a win.

Q. A win?
Jelena Dokic : Yeah, hopefully with ONE WIN, you know, it boasts back my confidence... yeah definately. I hope. (giggles)

Q. This time, you will face Jennifer again.
Jelena Dokic : Yeah, I'll try. Watch out Jenn

Q. How about doubles?
Jelena Dokic : Like I said earlier, I'm not really into doubles this year. You know, when you are struggling in the single, you don't think of the doubles. But yeah I definately will come back, Just wait and see..

Q. Have you found any permanent double partner?
Jelena Dokic : Yeah, I'm looking for a permanent double partner. I paired with Lindsay for the previous two weeks. I mean we have not really comitted to each other yet, it's just like, you know, I was the defending champ last season, so I think I should at least play there..

Q. Thanks for your time and good luck
Jelena Dokic : Thanks

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Lindsay Davenport arrives in Berlin

Lindsay Davenport arrived in Berlin today and ready to face #1 seed Daniela Hantuchova, she quoted after working out in the gym... She is also ready for the doubles event being partner to Chanda Rubin! :)
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