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Review beers you have tasted in here!

I'll kick us off..

Brewer - Lowenbrau
Country of Origin - Germany
Beer Type - White beer
ABV - 5.2%

In a market led by Hoegaarden, Lowenbrau pretty much go damn close to toppling the moreish qualities of the Belgian wheat beer.

Cheaper than its rival, Lowen-Weisse is a thoroughly enjoyable beer that would go excellently with a good meal, I'd reccomend this is one to go for with a red meat dish, like a good steak.

Well worth trying out, it's not as good as Hoegaarden, but it's damn close and it will not hurt your pocket as much.

Score - 7/10

Hollandia Strong Pils Lager
Brewer - Bavaria
Country of Origin - Holland
Beer Type - Pilsner Lager
ABV - 4.8%

The first thing you'll notice about Hollandia Pils is its price. It's bloody cheap, but is it crap?

No, not really. It's an unspectacular beer, but for it's price, it's decent value. It's certainly much better than its awful, loathesome compatriot Oranjeboom, and isn't far behind Heineken's 5.0 version... but Bavaria's 5.0% version is a lot better.

Score 6.5/10

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I am a huge fan of "John Labatt Classic", a Canadian beer. Great stuff. Generally, I stick close to Blue, though.
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