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What a refreshment to see a normal person between the photoshopped and lip filled 😍
Yes a million times!
I'm started to wonder if all many of these women do is hang out on beaches then take high fashion pics/selfies with pursed lips, stillettos and legs in that awful pigeon toe position, turned in.

I notice there are some that NEVER appear like that, Halep, Barty Krej. Others that get dressed up--Mugu comes to mind--but not like a runway model. I am actually starting to prefer these women on the court (I did in most cases anyway) based on not being so .. narcissistic based on looks, so uber femme as defined by the fashion industry.

I ask the thread: Do you think these women really dress like this when they go out shopping, is it their regular outdoor attire? Or is just for the pix which I assume they're posting on instagram?
3561 - 3580 of 5030 Posts