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Thanks on behalf of Williams fans!!

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I have noticed that fans of other players, who don't particularly like Serena are wishing her well and hopes she recovers quickly. You could have taken low blows at her because she can't defend #1 and the US Open, but everyone that I've seen has taken the high road and offered well wishes. It makes me feel better about the true state of this board. So for all of you ---> :worship: :worship: :worship:
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I hate when players get injured, and it doesn't matter if I like the player or not, I still want Justine to kick her ass, but to a healthy Serena :)

according to the article she will fully recover and I am sure she will come back very strong, as usual
Cybelle Darkholme said:
Can we please have a season without any of the top players being injured? Is that too much to ask? Is the world working against our fair wta players? These injuries never seem to stop!

if you want that, then we need certain changes.

1) less tournaments on hardcourt (all type of hardcourts indoors and outdoors) and more on grass and clay.

2) The WTA needs to build the schedule not trying to win the moron of the year award.

3) Players need to understand (not pointing to anyone in particular here) that their body is their only asset, when they are injured, they have to stop playing, if they need treatment or surgery, they have to do it.

4) Players also need to follow fitness programs, not only oriented to have more resistance, speed or strenght but also to streghten certain muscles that help prevent injuries.

5) I think that during matches, if a player is injured, it shouldn't be up to the player to play or not (not exclusively). The WTA's doctor should be able to decide if a player can continue or not.
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