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Thanks on behalf of Williams fans!!

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I have noticed that fans of other players, who don't particularly like Serena are wishing her well and hopes she recovers quickly. You could have taken low blows at her because she can't defend #1 and the US Open, but everyone that I've seen has taken the high road and offered well wishes. It makes me feel better about the true state of this board. So for all of you ---> :worship: :worship: :worship:
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CC said:
I don't mean to be negative, but maybe this isn't exactly devastating news to the opposition's fans.
I am not sure how that would sound, but I would really want my fave to beat Serena at US Open. Look, people are still questioning Hinigs Slams of 1997 , because Graf was injured. People are still questioning Graf's Slams because of Seles tragedy. We all want our faves to win Slams, no questions about that. But we would _PREFER_ it not to be happening at the expense of by far the best player being injured.
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