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Thank you

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Seriously, I use you williams fans for my enjoyment...Thank you for indulging me tonight, it was priceless :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: shucks...a little :kiss: too.....

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lol @ Adrian
Gives a good read .......oh my!!!!
Adrian, you are a liar.
If this is all you can find for amusement or entertainment then Australia must be lacking. :kiss:

I take that back you must me lacking.

No, no, Adrian, thank you. Your ignorance is my bliss.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :p :p :p
And thank you for giving us a laugh first. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
(Hail-Venus, I really think we hurt his feelings. Poor baby..)
gee..some of them can't get enough...Oh well..guess you better check with dawn and the dinosaur...been leading them a merry dance for 12 months....even the old fella fell for it tonight...just to easy.....
Now, I'm sure we hurt his feelings, Hail-Venus. It worked. Hopefully, he'll shake it off by morning--we need him as a source of entertainment.
Bright Red, he'll be alright. Let him go cry on Marti's shoulder. Hehehe, I'm still laughing as he keeps on going, and going, and...:bounce: :bounce:
GO Adrian Bunny!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Thanks to you, our laughter just keeps going and going and going...

Good work. Keep it up. with are so busy hanging on to my star....seriously your like unwanted rooting dogs on my leg....

Someone give me a hose...wankers....:p

nice ip you got there familiar
Adrian, b.k.a the Dummy Bunny:kiss:

I've seen two threads where people apparently were asking to get suspended/banned? I have no problem with that but please do not complain afterwards.

Especially people who already got warnings should know better than to start disrespecting other members. Those other members at their turn should know better than to respond to such obvious provocations.

So the word is spread, take your business elsewhere if you wanna argue and play other childish games.

Thanks for your more than joyful attention.
Adrian, b.k.a the Dummy Bunny:kiss:
I like this as a nickname for Adrian.

It looks like he's shaking his pain off. Good for him.
Sorry other posters, and carot. I'll stop.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
Not open for further replies.