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Thank God for MARTINA HINGIS!!!

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Hey guys!!!

Particularly during the Aussie Open i was reminded of the great play that this girl can come up with that NO ONE on the tour can duplicate. It's just so great to see someone out there who uses so many weapons.

I know that if she wasn't playing i would certainly lose all interest in tennis, the 'big babe' style just doesn't do it for me. Although i was disgusted with a lot of what Billie Jean King said during her commentary work, i do agree with one thing: Martina's racquet is a magic wand and i'm not so sure that her tennis is appreciated as much as it should be.
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You're right, she's playing once again with freedom and she's not afraid to make something happen. This ankle surgery may have been the best thing for Martina at the time, it would be a tragedy to see Martina end up like Tracy Austin.

Long live Martina and her great play!
Hingis Rulz, Billie Jean's commentary up until the final was fine, but i couldn't believe how bias she was during the final. She must have said "Jennifer is playing like crap" or along those lines and stuff like "Jennifer's not moving at all" "Jennifer's not doing anything right" blah blah blah. I find it incredible that a woman who proclaims to appreciate Martina's tennis doesn't understand that when Martina plays the way she likes to play power hitters cannot simply hit her off the court.

I know it's been said before but i still think it's a great feeling to finally see Martina going for her shots again.
Actually Barrie, i guess you could call Martina a freak, she seems to be the only one that can play shots the way she does, and her skill is simply awesome and comes second to none, including your beloved Jenncap.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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