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Welcome to the Womens Tennis Trivia Assosciation. This is a Womens tour for all those sick-crazy people who know super-crazy stuff about the WTA Tour (Womens Tennis Assosciation).

This game is based on pretty much anything about the WTA Tour. You face off against other players in the game and try and defeat them by typing the answers of the questions asked by an umpire the fastest. Don't worry if you still don't understand. I'll explain along the way.

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How the Game Works

You need 3 players to play a match of WTTA. 1 Umpire, and 2 Players. You must play the game in MSN and only in MSN, so you should get a hotmail account, otherwise you will not be able to play and compete. What happens is the Umpire asks the 2 players questions about the WTA Tour, the first one to answer the Question corrects wins a game. So the first person to win 6 games in a set or 7 depending on the score (like real-tennis scoring) wins a set.​

So here is an example:

Umpire-Alex says:

Name the winners of the following tournaments in 2003: Australian Open? French Open? US Open? Wimbledon? (In Order)

Player-Tina says:

Serena Justine Justine Serena

Player-Paul says:

Serena Justine Justine Serena

Because player Tina said the message in first, Tina gets the first game of the match and goes up 1-0. The umpire continues to ask more and more questions until the match is over.

Basic Rules of the Game

Here are the rules of the game in no particular order:

1. You must have MSN Messenger to compete in the tournaments.
2. You can you play as many tournaments as you like, but only your top-20 will be counted in the Championships Race.
3. You must complete your first-round matches before WTTA Time on Saturday (2:00 EST-New York Time).
4. Tournaments must be completed by Sunday, otherwise the rankings will not be out.
5. If the tournament isn't completed, the person who is in the final online first wins the title and defeats the other person by walk over.
6. There is no cheating aloud what-so-ever. If you suspect cheating please do not blab it out on the tournament threads, this isn't Dr. Phil, we don't care about your problems. I do. PM me if you do have any problems.
7. You may not look up any answers on the internet: this is a type of cheating in the game.
8. After a while if no one can get an answer the umpire must give a clue.
9. If I suspect any bias umpiring (E.g. Only asking questions about one of the players favorites) I will warn you, and you only have two chances so don't try me.
10. If there is a mistake in the umpires judgement they must replay the points (e.g. they accidentally don't say a specific detail, like when asking a question about the winner of the tournament, they must say what year)
11. Please PM me your e-mail once you have joined a game, because I will be creating an e-mail thread so everyone who is in the game can add eachother and you don't have to bug other people to get their e-mail so that you can play your match ASAP.
12. No arguing with the umpires whats-so-ever if you have a really big issue or think an umpire is not being fair simply say you want a new umpire.
13. Both players must agree to the umpire.
14. Players in WTTA are NOT obligated to umpire matches just for fun. So no complaining please.
15. You are aloud three typos per question so for example who won Madrid 03? Madrid 02? that is two seperate questions meaning you are aloud 6 typos.
16. A tournament must have 8 players to run. If there are only 8 players the Losers Bracket (see below for what this is) will not go on.
17. For a losers bracket to go on there must be 16 players entered, otherwise it won't happen. (Once again look below to see what I'm talking about)
18. Thats about it, just make sure you have fun.

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Playing Tournaments; and How they Work

Every week there will be tournaments which will follow the WTA Tour Schedule. You may enter as many tournaments as you like but only 1 a week. Although you may play all the tournaments available in one year only your top-20 tournaments will count for the CHAMPIONSHIPS not rankings, meaning that the sooner you sign-up for this game the better chances you have at becoming No. 1 on the real-rankings. Also gaining points at each Tier and gaining points from beating Top-Ranked players will also count.

Here is the site for the WTA Schedule and Points System for each Tier Level of a Tournament.

Tournament Schedule:

Point System for the Tournaments:

To sign-up for tournaments I will create a sign-up thread every Sunday for the following weeks tournament. The sign-up threads will be closed by Monday sometime in the evening a precise time will be determined for each and every tournament. If you miss the deadline from 2-3 hours I'll let you in because sometimes I know that not all of us can be on at a specific time.

Once a tournament has started all 1st Round matches must be completed before Saturday WTTA Time (2:00 PM EST-New York Time). But here is a little twist: 3 out of the 4 areas of brackets will be reserved for every player the final bracket will be called the Losers Bracket, all first round players who lost in the first round will face off to get the last semi-final spot. This may not sound fair to those players that make it there by actually defeating many players but it is because the people who make it to the SF's and higher will only recieve SF points no quality points. And also this will only happen in TIER 2. I'll try and figure a way to put Tier 2's in every week but it might not happen.

Another notice is, if the tournament is not completed by Sunday the first person who I see on at Sunday before the deadline is up will win the tournament and def. the other player by Walkover, so I can actually get the rankings done on time.

Also their may be a system of ITF so that people who lose early can go to ITF but since this is a brand new game I still have not decided, just sit back, relax and wait.

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Rankings are based on as many tournaments as you play and what your results are. Championship rankings are different. I choose your best 20 and they go into the Race-Rankings. So if someone brand new comes along and is really good comes in during the middle of the season they can still have a chance at the Championships Race maybe not so much the rankings until next year.

Above in the Playing Tournaments area if you click the link for the Tournament Points its basically how the ranking points will be collected and work. ITF will also count towards the rankings but I still don't know if I will do ITF, so we'll just have to sit back and wait.

Really the Championships Race works exactly the same as the real race to No. 1 but the top-20 tournaments will be counted for instead of all of them in the real race. Good luck for the race to No. 1!


Umpires are the most key part of this game to work, and without umpires matchs can't go on. Because I'm the owner of this game I am liable to always umpire yet, if I am busy I may have to tell you no, but that will probably be at a very unique time.

This area of the sign-up and rules thread is really here because I want to give you some suggestions on what type of questions you can ask that aren't to hard and aren't to easy if you are stuck on what to ask:

Name a player. Name a tournament they have won. Who they beat in the final. Name the year. etc.

Name the winner of the following tournaments: Madrid 03? Eastbourne 03?

Unscramble: PETROVAND

Fill in the blanks: V__ W___; S___ W___

And any nice type of question you can think up of, anything is acceptable as long as it isn't to easy like: Name a player.

By the way if you want to know the answers are:

Rubin Eastbourne Conchita 2003
Rubin Rubin
Venus Williams Serena Williams


And thats just an idea of how you can umpire.

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

So basically this is how the game works, its still a little sketchy and has some patchs that can be covered, but don't worry they'll be fixed. So sign-up for the game by just posting your name and your e-mail address and your automatically in. The game will start as soon as we get a forum, and as soon as we have enough players to play a tournament.

And remember if you have any questions PM me or e-mail me or ADD ME on MSN at [email protected]

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