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Welcome to TennisForum - a message board for fans of women's tennis and WTA players.

We hope you enjoy posting on the site - here follows some generic advice and regulations that we ask you to follow to try to ensure our community continues to thrive.

General Conduct

This is a public forum owned by a private company. Please treat your fellow users with respect wherever possible.

Anything you post here is accessible by anyone on the internet and under your total responsibility.

If you are posting questionable facts or opinions, it is prudent to consider any potential repercussions of your actions before you post. In the event that you post something that you later wish to retract, you have the power to edit your own posts.

By posting here you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. The moderating team will occasionally edit or delete posts that are in violation of forum rules, particularly ones that occur in the situations mentioned below.

Racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination

Abusive remarks toward other posters or groups of people on the basis of race and / or sexual orientation are completely unacceptable on this site as are other forms of discriminatory abuse.

Clear cut cases are grounds for an instant review / revoke of posting privileges.

The decision of the forum moderator regarding what action to take on each individual occasion is final.


Pornographic images are strictly prohibited on this site, including in jest. This includes links to pornographic websites.

Posting of such material will result in posts being deleted and may also result in sanctions.

Any unlawful pictures posted will result in the webmaster and relevant authorities being informed.


Spamming is not permitted on this website.

There are clear rules in this forum regarding advertising websites - see the Site Rules / FAQ forum for further details of what we consider to be acceptable.

Illegal Material

Do not post material that you may not have permission to use.

This includes copyrighted photos, personal information on posters / other individuals that you know they would not want shared.

Multiple Accounts

Every individual is allowed one account on this forum.

There are no exceptions.

If you are posting from the same place as another user - for example, the same household or other areas with shared computers (school, university, public library, workplace, etc) - then there are clearly written guidelines on how to approach this.

Those guidelines are published in the Site Rules / FAQ forum. We ask that you acquaint yourself with all topics posted in there.

Posting restrictions

Do not post private messages from staff in the public forum and do not repost threads or comments that have been deleted / edited by a moderator.

Both actions are prohibited on this forum and are looked upon with grave severity.

Attitude Toward Staff

Aside from the webmaster, all moderators and administrators on this site give up their free time to voluntarily moderate this board. It is accepted that they may be criticised by posters but they should be given the same level of respect as any other poster.

Repeated abuse / victimisation / hate campaigns against individual moderators will not be tolerated on this board.

Staff accept that posters may not agree with moderation decisions and this is your right. However, posters should understand that differences of opinion are inevitable at times and the nature of a message board forum.

You are welcome to discuss individual concerns with the forum moderator and he / she may change his decision based on your argument.

However, he / she also may not and you should be prepared for that eventuality and be able to accept it gracefully.

We may not all always agree but we can agree to disagree respectfully.

Final point

These rules and the moderating team are here to keep the forums a fun, positive place to socialize and share information.

Many forums fall apart after becoming consumed by poster in-fighting or having useful information drowned in a sea of irrelevant material. That is the fate we are actively trying to avoid for Tennis Forum.

We are ready to treat you like a mature, responsible individual, and if you behave as such, you won't have any problems here.

Disagreements about rules or the way forums are run are not always resolvable and occasionally the only solution is that both parties separate. Generally speaking, if you have such concerns, you are welcome to contact a member of staff to discuss them if you think it would avoid you taking the radical step of leaving the forum or requesting a revoke of your posting privileges.
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