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How to play Three Picks?

I believe Three Hands is too complicated in terms of the rules so the player base was never big enough. Therefore, a new game will be held from 2016, called three picks. Not much thought has been placed in this yet so anything can change, including not holding the event at all.

Three Picks

1. Each player starts off the season with 8,400 coins. A player is allowed to earn the coin bonus once.

2. In each game, a player is allowed three picks...

- 1 in Qualifying Draw,
- 1 in Main Draw, and
- 1 in Doubles Draw.

Each pick must be submitted before the first match begins in the respective draw.

3. Player costs: Each player will cost the sqrt of it's current ranking points (that's used for the draw), except in doubles where the points are halved. Any decimals will be rounded. Example...

As of December 28, 2015

Serena Williams: 9945, so sqrt of 9945 is 99.72, so 100 coins.
Hingis/Mirza: (11355+11355)/2, so 107 coins.
Daniela Hantuchova: 753, so 27 coins.

4. Coins earning: Based on the round a player reached, you take sqrt of the points earned and multiply it by the player's ranking.

Let's say someone picked Maria Sharapova, and she won Brisbane 2016.

Maria Sharapova: 5011, so 71 coins.
Maria Sharapova performance in Brisbane: W - 470 points,
You multiply the sqrt of the points and then multiply with the sqrt ranking, so 2, the participant earns 43 coins.

-71+43 = loses 28 coins

Qualifiers picked who earned a spot in the main draw will continue to earn points like WTA, regardless the status they entered.

5. Participation:

You lose 100 coins each week you do not submit a Main Draw pick. You lose 200 coins instead of it's a 2-week event.
You lose 100 coins each week you do not submit a Doubles Draw pick. You lose 200 coins instead of it's a 2-week event.
Coins can go negative. It only affects your ranking position.

6. Race Ranking: Based on the total coins earned (not counting how much you spent or how much you lost) in the season, the top 8 players enters Singapore, players ranked 9-20 enters Zhuhai. Singapore and Zhuhai are special events where you do not need to spend coins to play, but a different set of rules will apply.

7. Rolling Ranking: New players who enters the game mid season will have their coins pro-rated by number of weeks missing in the season for the ranking. However, the coin bonus does not get reduced, just for the purpose of ranking.

8. Special rules for Singapore and Zhuhai: Players are allowed 2 picks (Main Draw and Doubles) in Singapore and 1 pick in Zhuhai (Main Draw), free of charge. Coins earned will be based on the same formula as normal tournaments.

9. Special rules for Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: Players are allowed 3 picks (Main Draw, Doubles and Mixed Doubles). ATP ranking and points will be used for Mixed Doubles but the event is not mandatory.
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