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Who Should Win this award?

  • Latvian

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Pierre

    Votes: 11 68.8%
  • Vjatceslav

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • Other (Please note)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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2019 Tennis Tipping Newcomer of the Year

In the interest of saving time, only 3 people are nominated (since it would likely come down to them anyway) your pick is not included, please vote for the [Other] option and tell us why you believe this Player should win.

Here are the nominees (In Alphabetical Order)

1) @Latvian

Ranking: #17 in doubles, 101 in Singles
Won (5): WImbledon (D) Tianjin (D) Shenzhen (D) 100k, Darmstadt (D) 25k , Zagreb (S) 60k
Finals:(4) Toronto (D), Prague 60k (D), Jerusalem (D) 25k, Prague (S) 60k,

2) @Pierre.

Ranking: #1 in Doubles, 29 in Singles
Won (5): Rome (D), Madrid (D), Mallorca (S), Las Vegas (D) 60k, Solarino (D) 15k
Finals: (6) Rolland Garros (D), Australian Open (D) Monterrey (S), Hiroshima (S/D) , Mallorca (D) Jabonec (S) 15k

3) @vjatceslav

Ranking: 12 in Singles, 56 in doubles
Won (5) : Seoul (S), Hiroshima (D) Istanbul (S) 60k, Capinas (S) 25k, Norman (D) 15k
Finals (11) : Pune (S) 25k, Guayaquil (S) 25k, Biarritz (S) 100k, Charlottesville (S) 80k, Pune (D), Solarino (D) 25k, Biarritz (D) 100k, Gifu (D) 80k, Istanbul (D) 60k, Kazan (D) 25k, Monsatir (D) 15k

4) Others? Comment and Post!

Note: Only TT players are allowed to vote in these polls and they will be open for 14 days

Milk and honey
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I’m not sure if this has closed or not @Randy, if it has and it’s over, then thanks a lot to everyone who voted for me! :) I’ll take this as “most improved player” rather than newcomer as I’ve played this game since 2016 :LOL:

2019 was an amazing year as I went into the singles top 30 from outside the top 100, and doubles number one from outside the top 50. It was great fun and I hope 2020 is even better somehow :)
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