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Tennis Tipping #50b - Potchefstroom, RSA, ITF Pro Circuit 25K
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What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.

In case a player (i.e. the actual WTA Player) retires, the match WILL count in TT, as long as the first point has been played, but they do not count for SRs or for TBs in which both players/teams picked the same winner.

- If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

Tie-break method for 2021: TB/SR Rules 2019 (determining the winner)

How to Sign-Up:

Just post here that you would like to play. You can only play one tournament per week. Entries will be based on ranking. Everyone can commit.

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner in every match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: Name of the tournament, day #]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you are in singles and doubles then you can use different picks for each if you want to. For doubles, you still tip the WTA singles matches, not the doubles! No changes can be made after the play has started.
You have to send picks before play starts, late picks won´t be accepted!

The emergency email address can only be used when the site is down for a longer period.

[email protected]

More questions about the game and the rules?
Check out the General rules of Tennis Tipping!

Good Luck,

33,793 Posts
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Location: Potchefstroom, RSA
Type: W25 ITF Women Circuit
Surface: Hard / Outdoor
Date: 13 Dec - 19 Dec 2021

Singles First Entry Deadline: Sunday - December 5, 18:00 CET
Withdrawal Deadline for Double Commitments: Tuesday - December 7, 18:00 CET
Singles and Doubles Final Entry Deadline: Sunday - December 12, 18:00 CET
Draw Size For Singles: 32 MD (28 direct entries + 4 qualifiers) / 16 QD
Draw Size For Doubles: 16 MD (14 direct entries + 2 qualifiers) / 8 QD


Winner: 150
Final: 90
Semifinal: 55
Quarterfinal: 28
R16: 14
R32: 1

Qualifier: 6
QFR: 4
Q1: 1

Monday, December 13.......Singles Q1 + QFR | Doubles Q1
Tuesday, December 14......Singles R1...... | Doubles QFR
Wednesday, December 15....Singles R2...... | Doubles R1
Thursday, December 16.....Singles QF...... | Doubles QF
Friday, December 17.......Singles SF...... | Doubles SF
Saturday, December 18.....Singles F....... | Doubles F (Day 1/2)
Sunday, December 19.......Singles F....... | Doubles F (Day 2/2)
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