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Oct 7 - Oct 15
Tier III,

Welcome to Bangkok! The 47th tournament of the Tennis Tipping season. Read the rules and sign-up information and then decide to join!
The second WTA tournamnet in Thailand´s capital Bangkok will go on this week!

Playing the game is simple:
- before the tournament start the qualifying and the main draw are made.
- if you're in the qualifying you send in your pick of day 1 matches in a PM to the person running the tournament (including the set ratios for each match) You also send the exact score of one chosen match by the person running the tournament as a tie-breaker. The result you get is used throughout the qualifying rounds
- main draw starts on day 2, all qualifiers and players directly into the main draw send their picks with set ratios and a tie-breaker score to the person running the game
- the results will be posted as soon as possible.
- you have to send your picks, before the first match of the day starts, if you send your picks late, then all the picks for the matches already started or finished won't be counted
- a match will not count in case of a retirement, withdrawal or any late schedule changes
- you get a point for each correctly predicted winner and a bonus point for the correctly predicted set ratio, the person running the game can decide if the set ratios get counted for a certain round (you're still obliged to send them), this depends on the number of matches, if there is a large number of matches played in one day, then set ratios might not get counted.


Tuesday : TT R16
Wednesday : TT QF
Thursday+Friday : TT SF
Saturday+Sunday : TT Final
For doubles:
- all above rules still apply
- you still tip the WTA singles matches, not the doubles
- you team up with another player of TT tournament and the score of the team is the combined scores of both players
- for commiting your team, just post a commitment in the relative thread of the TT tournament, like "posterA/posterB is a team"


Tuesday+Wednesday : TT8
Thursday+Friday : TT SF
Saturday+Sunday : TT Final

If you want to play post a commitment in the Tennis Tipping commitment thread:
Notify me if you committed but do not see your name on the entry list after the commitments close. All picks should be sent by PM, in case if the board is down for more than 1 day, the tournament will be cancelled.
For more info:

Good Luck
Karim Alameddine

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Singles Entry List

01.. 009 daniela86........... SCG
02.. 029 ~~Bakers Boy~~...... NZL
03.. 053 Buitenzorg.......... AUS
04.. 062 jas_aussie.......... AUS

05.. 063 muniu............... POL
06.. 066 Karim A............. GER
07.. 070 Cp6uja.............. SCG
08.. 073 kittyking........... AUS
09.. 089 Ellery.............. CAN
10.. 095 amirhendel.......... ISR
11.. 114 Kim´s_fan_4ever..... POL
12.. .NR ganymedeyu.......... TPE
13.. .NR Vacant.............. GBR
14.. .NR Dementiava180....... THA

Doubles Entry List

01.. 067 ~~Bakers Boy~~/jas-aussie
02.. 091 daniela86/Karim A

03.. 119 Buitenzorg/Cp6uja
04.. 130 amirhendel/Kim´s_fan_4ever
05.. .NR kittyking/Vacant
06.. .NR Dementiava180/muniu

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Singles Draw

First Round

00:00 | (1)daniela86 vs. Bye
00:06 | Ellery vs. amirhendel
08:10 | muniu vs. kittyking
08:07 | Cp6uja vs. (4)jas_aussie

07:00 | (3)Buitenzorg vs. Dementiava180
09:08 | Karim A vs. ganymedeyu
09:10 | Kim´s_fan_4ever vs. Vacant
00:00 | Bye vs. (2)~~Bakers Boy~~


07:10 | (1)daniela86 vs. amirhendel
10:08 | kittyking vs. Cp6uja
06:08 | (3)Buitenzorg vs. Karim A
05:07 | Vacant vs. (2)~~Bakers Boy~~


07:13 | amirhendel vs. kittyking
09:13 | Karim A vs. (2)~~Bakers Boy~~


00:03 | kittyking vs. (2)~~Bakers Boy~~

Doubles Draw

First Round

00:00 | (1)~~Bakers Boy~~/jas-aussie vs. Bye
32:29 | amirhendel/Kim´s-fan-4ever vs. Buitenzorg/Cp6uja
08:35 | Dementiava180/muniu vs. kittyking/Vacant
00:00 | Bye vs. (2)daniela86/Karim A


24:16 | (1)~~Bakers Boy~~/jas_aussie vs. amirhendel/Kim´s_fan_4ever
22:13 | kittyking/Vacant vs. (2)daniela86/Karim A


04:01 | (1)~~Bakers Boy~~/jas_aussie vs. kittyking/Vacant

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OOP for Tuesday

Meghann Shaughnessy (USA) - Sania Mirza (IND)
Julia Schruff (GER) - Emma Laine (FIN)
Tmarine Tansugarn (THA) - Catalina Castano (COL) TB
Marta Domachowska (POL) - Suchanun Viratprasert (THA)
Jamea Jackson (USA) - Melinda Czink (HUN)
Lucie Safarova (CZE) - Selima Sfar (TUN)
Sybille Bammer (AUT) - Nicole Pratt (AUS)
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