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Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai - Congrats to the winners: ianb29 and kfh_9118/Igorche

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Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.

- In case of a tie, new SR/TB rules (2017) will decide who moves on to the next round.
New SR/TB rules: TB/SR Rules 2017 (determining the winner) -

- If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

How to Sign-Up:

Only invited players can participate in this tournament

More information: Tennis Tipping General Rules 2017 | Changes in Red | Check pages 1-5 -

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner inevery match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: Zhuhai - #day]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you are in singles and doubles then you can use different picks for each if you want to. For doubles, you still tip the WTA singles matches, not the doubles! No changes can be made after the play has started.

You have to send picks before play starts, late picks won't be accepted!

Good Luck, your manager DJDVD.
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Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

In singles and doubles as ALT#1 with @Lazar.
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

Doubles confirmed with Poltergeist :dance:
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

In Double with @Igorche

In as ALT for single
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

In singles and doubles as ALT#1 with @Lazar.
You aren't an ALT. You got in as the 12th team, cause joe87/Michael! got in Singapore :yeah:
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

Entry Lists

[b][u]TT Singles Entry List[/b][/u]
01. Vitor BM       	BRA	3374
02. Victim Noises.	USA	3161
03. ozboy1989   	AUS	3084
04. TennisFan102	ANT	3049
05. RoyalFencer  	RUS	2870
06. Javi             	ESP	2778
07. AdeyC          	GBR	2655
08. Blackeagle    	TUR	2600
09. ianb29         	GBR	2569
10. sd3300123   	CHN	2543
11. catgamer     	GER	2538
12. Michael!       	GER	2427

01. kfh_9118     	AUS	2416
02. goldenoldie   	GBR	2399
[b][u]TT Doubles Entry List[/b][/u]
01. coolfish1103/F4CU        	USA/ARG	3589
XX. [S]Michael!/joe87          	GER/AUT	3345[/S]
02. kfh_9118/Igorche          	AUS/SRB	3246
03. jrm/Zenith.           	SLO/USA	3090
04. Poltergeist/goOudinUSA	SRB/USA	3076
05. Demosthenes/Randy     	ISL/ISL	2893
06. zigga/XINYUN-GOAT     	SLO/ESP	2884
07. Phil=)/Tim.           	GER/BEL	2857
08. Sander./goldenoldie      	NED/GBR	2847
09. Flavio_Sverige/Vitor BM	SWE/BRA	2834
10. Nikity/Rodrigo R3   	BRA/BRA	2820
11. Kevin./tennisbuddy12	USA/USA	2723
12. catgamer/Lazar.     	GER/SRB	2686

01. sd3300123/Gu-niao        	CHN/CHN	2679
02. SRB Analyst/RoyalFencer	SRB/RUS	2575
Invitations will be sent out shortly :)
@Vitor BM @Victim Noises. @ozboy1989 @TennisFan102 @RoyalFencer @Javi @AdeyC @Blackeagle @ianb29 @sd3300123 @catgamer @Michael! @coolfish1103 @F4CU @kfh_9118 @Igorche @jrm @Zenith. @Poltergeist @goOudinUSA @Demosthenes @Randy @zigga @XINYUN-GOAT @Phil=) @Tim. @Sander. @goldenoldie @Flavio_Sverige @Nikity @Rodrigo R3 @Kevin. @tennisbuddy12 @Lazar.
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Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

in for doubles
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

in; doubles with Zenith.
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

In singles
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

In as ALT for singles.
Confirm in for doubles Sander./goldenoldie
Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai

In doubles with goldenoldie
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