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Re: Tennis Tipping #44a - Zhuhai - OOP of Saturday in post #6/116 - Deadline 9:30 AM

Quite a shame that Sloane didn't care today, it's never nice to lose a match by retirement. Congrats to our opponents and good luck in the final. Also good luck to Igorche and his partner.

It's also nice to see my good old friend Michi being one of the singles finalists..:angel:

As this is my last tournament of the year I would like to thank everyone who gave his/her best to make this game enjoyable, especially the managers and board members but also the players. Special mention to my favourite manager David..:worship:

And last but not least a big thank you to my partner Phil=), the best partner I've had so far in this game. This was my best doubles season and it was mainly because of your great picking..:kiss:

See you next year..:wavey:
:hearts: Don't be so complimentary. I guess we equally saved each others asses this year with some really solid picking. Thanks for always being a great partner and also being so reliable. Can't wait for 2018

And of course thanks to all the managers for giving the best efforts on a weekly Basis to make this game so enjoyable.
1 - 2 of 167 Posts
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