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Tennis players raped?

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In the U.S., at this time, a potential blockbuster case is brewing over the charges of a woman claiming to have been raped by basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

So I wondered, are there statuory rape laws outside of the U.S.?
Anna Kournikova was having sex with 28+ year old men between the ages of 16-18 and no one seemed to car, including her parents.

Kim Clijsters was doing it with Hewitt when she was 17 and not a single protest was brought.

In real life the sex partners of those girls would have been jailed.
Is there a hidden double standard for famous women, in that they are not considered rape victims as other girls in the America?
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You become an adult at 18 - age of consent varies, and in most places it's irrelevant if your partner is also under that age (which is why teenagers don't tend to get prosecuted for having sex, and why Kim and Lleyton wouldn't be an issue)

Kournikova was rumored to have skipped the USO one year when local DA made noise about possible arresting her SO for statutory.

And in both cases, the relationships are/were consensual, which is NOT what is being alleged about Bryant's relationship with his accuser.

But don't let details or facts get in your way.
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