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Tennis players raped?

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In the U.S., at this time, a potential blockbuster case is brewing over the charges of a woman claiming to have been raped by basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

So I wondered, are there statuory rape laws outside of the U.S.?
Anna Kournikova was having sex with 28+ year old men between the ages of 16-18 and no one seemed to car, including her parents.

Kim Clijsters was doing it with Hewitt when she was 17 and not a single protest was brought.

In real life the sex partners of those girls would have been jailed.
Is there a hidden double standard for famous women, in that they are not considered rape victims as other girls in the America?
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TeeRexx said:
The legal age of consent in the U.S is 18, unless one has a declaration from the courts giving one that right at no less than 16.
Once again you prove your remarkable ignorance. The age of consent in the US varies by state and ranges from 14 to 18. I believe 17 was chosen by a larger number of states than any other, about 1/3. You'd think a resident would actually know more about that than a foreigner. But on the other hand, you do live in a very tennis-intensive state, and have long since demonstrated that you know less about tennis than those of us who have to endure 6 month winters to get to 2 month summers.
TeeRexx said:
DH - Just because you want to f*ck a 13 year old girl, does not mean that most normal men have your same sick prediliction.

In the U.S. the majority of states chose 18 as the age of adulthood, idiot.

I do not live on tennis stats, as non players like yourself, but as far as tennis strategy, experience adn techniques, I am beyond your limited scope.
The majority of states? I thought a couple minutes ago you said all them? Nothing like making up the facts as you go along.

BTW, I'm sure Conchita finds your paltry attempts at humour terribly clever.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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