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Tennis players raped?

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In the U.S., at this time, a potential blockbuster case is brewing over the charges of a woman claiming to have been raped by basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

So I wondered, are there statuory rape laws outside of the U.S.?
Anna Kournikova was having sex with 28+ year old men between the ages of 16-18 and no one seemed to car, including her parents.

Kim Clijsters was doing it with Hewitt when she was 17 and not a single protest was brought.

In real life the sex partners of those girls would have been jailed.
Is there a hidden double standard for famous women, in that they are not considered rape victims as other girls in the America?
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Volcana said:
Think it's Delaware.

Up to the mid-1970's, their age of 'consent', was 7.
NO WAY 10 thats sick :eek: :fiery:
THE NET said:
Beleive me, Kim is still a VIRGIN!! :eek:
Not sure about Lleyton though!! ;)
YEAH OK :rolleyes:
angele87 said:
In Canada I think it's :

Sex- 14
Driving -16
Alcohol and cigarettes-19
So you can have a bit of the other at 14 but you cant smoke a *** afterwards.
Healthy :bounce:
1 - 3 of 59 Posts
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