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Interesting. And the central point is valid: those most critical of the sport are often those who know the least about it. (See also: those who complain about a "complicated" ranking system which requires 5th grade math.)

Wood racquets? Ain't gonna happen. Reduced head sizes could.

Going from best of 5 to best of 3 would be a smart move. Great 5 set matches are rare, and matches featuring 5 great sets are the rarest of the rare. (Even the legendary Borg/McEnroe 1980 Wimbledon final didn't have 5 great sets.)

One tournament a week is not a good idea. If there is enough fan and sponsor support to hold these tournaments, then hold them. Many good players would never have arrived were it not for "little" tournaments in "small" countries. As for the problem of top players being scattered around, eliminate appearance fees and adopt a Tier system, lke the women have. Have only one PRIMARY tournament per week, where the top players would be playing, å la the WTA.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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