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There's a chess term called 'tempo'.

In chess, there are certain specific advantages you can gain. You can gain material, by taking a piece. You can gain positional advantage, such as getting a rook on an open file. (You can even 'sac the echange', meaning exchange a piece for one of lesser value to gain positional advantage.)

Then there's 'tempo'.

In chess, every move you make should build toward your goal. If you can force your opponent to make a purely defensive move, you are said to gain 'tempo'.

Watching Kim vs Justine, I noticed that Kim gives up tempo VERY easily. Far too many of her shots are pure defense. When she gets an advantage on her opponent, an opponent as fast, with as much pace as Justine, can quickly get the point back to neutral. Because Kim willl lob, or return a looping shot, both of which give her opponent time to set up. Basically, Kim DARES people to take their best shot, and plays defense. She's going to be #1, so obviously there's something to that. But she's highly vulnerable to fast players with big offense. (Unlike the rest of the tour?:))
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