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There is a Q & A with Steve Bellamy (president of the TC) going on now, so if any of you have any questions for him, or would like to read his responses to the ones posted already, then go to the link below![email protected]^[email protected]

Also, from, here is a list of phone numbers for several different cable companies if anyone is interested in calling them regarding carrying the Tennis Channel! If you live in the USA, I suggest you call your cable company, and it won't hurt to contact Direct TV and Dish Network as pretty much anyone in the USA can get these cable services no matter where you live, and they may be your only hope of getting TTC! Even if you don't use them now, you may find yourself wanting to switch to them if they pick up TTC! Also, Direct TV specifically mentioned that they want to hear from tennis fans and players in order to consider carrying the channel!

Here are some contact numbers for the leading satellite and cable operators:

DirecTV - (800) DirecTV
Dish Network - (800) 333-DISH
Adelphia - (800) Adelphia
Comcast - (800) Comcast
Cablevision -
Charter -
Time Warner -
Cox -
Insight -

You can also sign an online petition at

Want More Tennis on TV?
Tell your cable and satellite operators to carry the Tennis Channel.

© Getty Images
Are you a die-hard tennis fan, clammoring for more chances to catch your favorite players in action on television?

Well, the Tennis Channel could be coming your way, serving up matches featuring today's most celebrated players. A wide array of international events will be covered, including the two upcoming Tennis Masters Series events in Rome and Hamburg. Several WTA events also will be featured on the new channel, which debuts May 15 with an audience of 1 million viewers in the United States.

In addition, fans can reminisce about some of the great match-ups of all time through The Tennis Channel's library of classic matches - featuring such legends as Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. Players of all levels also will benefit from the expert instruction of the world's most celebrated tennis teachers, including Paul Annacone, who coaches Pete Sampras, and Brad Gilbert, who had coached Andre Agassi.

The "Tennis News Daily" show will present live, daily tennis news coverage, with player interviews, up-to-date tournament results and previews of up-coming matches. In "The Player's Lounge," the sport's brightest stars drop by to discuss everything from technique to training and strategy, as well as field calls from viewers. And in "Beyond the Lines," viewers will join players off the court, seeing their grueling training regiments or how they spend their free time at the hottest night spots around the world.

But in order to enjoy this high-quality tennis coverage, fans need to tell their local cable and satellite operators to carry the Tennis Channel.
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