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Meanwhile in the case of Tatjana Maria ... the contact point is all over the place, she frames shots very often. The only good thing about her game was her 1st serve, I think she was aware of her limitations hence her scheduling focused on smaller events, including ITF ones even when she was ranked well within top 100.

I usually like players who slice a lot but in Tatjana's case I could never warm up to her.
I’ve never seen a player change their game style as much as Maria. I first saw her play on TV at 2012 Us Open against Sloane and I remember admiring her serve (I think she hit one at 125mph that year).

She’s lost a lot of pace on the second serve and it’s so attackable now. Her first serve is only good when she can get at least 60% in (which doesn’t happen often).

When I saw her again a few years ago I literally thought that she must’ve been a different player. OHBH and slide and dice on the forehand. It was like a complete 180 in style tbh.

Nonetheless, she is dangerous to a player who isn’t at their best. Not as much trouble as Hsieh and Niculescu a few years back, but still awkward. Glad to see her back and hope she does well 😊🙌🏼.
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