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Sydney gift

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As you probably know, I'm going to the adidas International in Sydney on the 11th of January. This will be Daniela's first tournament of the 2004 season, so I'd like to get her year off to a great start by giving her a really nice gift from the Cocktail Party. I'm aware that some people are planning on spending some time away from the board, but I would like to get their input as well. We have approximately 2 1/2 months in order to find the perfect present for Danielka.

If you have any ideas for gifts, list them in this thread. If you want to send something to me to give to Daniela, PM me and I'll give you my address. Once we have enough ideas, I'll start a poll so that we can vote on a final decision.
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I don't want to :rain: on your parade, but don't you think that Nike would be a bit :shout: if she was seen wearing a visor with the CP logo emblazoned on the front?
beauty_is_pink said:
but the visor will be a NIKE visor, so whats Nike hafta worry about? but then again, there might be some issues that they think Daniela is going behind their back being sponsor by some "CP" company... :rolleyes: bla bla... I dunno now..
Doesn't her Nike contract say that she can't have any Sanex logos or any other type of logos on her clothes? :scratch: I thought that's why she does those extra WTA promo days.
A stuffed toy? :scratch: I mean, they give them to the finalists of the Australian Open, so Daniela will get a really nice stuffed toy when she wins the tournament :bigclap: :rolls:

Do you think that we should get her more than one gift? Perhaps something that reflects Australia and then some other things as well?
I just realised that if you have a look at the My Finest Hours Daniela clip, you'll see that Daniela and Kevin were given stuffed kangaroos when they won the mixed doubles. If we give her a stuffed animal, we might jinx her. I'd rather Daniela get the stuffed animal from the AO organisers than from us :lol:
kevinc982 said:
Well I had to ask...

BTW, Eeyore is cool - perhaps a little miserable, but still cool.
Kinda like Daniela at Wimbledon ;) The good thing is that Daniela snapped out of her :sad: mood, but poor Eeyore is likely to be sad forever. The scary thing is that Eeyore is the character that I relate to the best :eek:. Okay, that's enough :topic: from me!

What about a book on Australian animals or something? You know, something Daniela can enjoy for a long time.
Gowza said:
why not make her a collage or something. she might appereciate the personal effort you put in. although it's not the best gift but it's a nice gesture.
:yeah: A collage is a nice idea. Maybe we can make photos of ourselves into a collage and incorporate it with the CP logo on the front of the card.

Another idea I had was for each of us to sign our names on a small label that I could could stick inside the front cover of the book (if we decide to get a book) as a sort of inscription page. Then Daniela will always remember who gave her the book :woohoo:

What do people think of that? Don't feel as though you have to :tape: , I can take criticism :D
Pinky, I suggested that we should get Daniela a book about Australia. Something like a book on Australian animals or Australian landscapes. Then she can remember her trip to my beautiful country :hearts:. I'll go and have a look at some bookshops sometime because they often have things on sale.
Fletch said:
I can try and do a portrait, it wont be blisteringly fantastic but i'll do my best. I'm using the new WTA tour picture of Dani as my subject...
Wasn't there a guy on here a few months ago who wanted a picture of Daniela for a portrait? There were some good photos in that thread.

The thread is here: portrait photos
kevinc982 said:
Personally I still can't commit to adidas International - even though I'm in Sydney - just awkward timing regarding my visa and what-not. If I can sort that out maybe I'll hook-up with Epigone and we can represent the CP in force (any others out there?)
Does your visa come up for renewal around that time? You definitely don't want to get into trouble with immigration :shout: . It would be great to join other CP members to cheer on Daniela. I'm going to be practising my Slovak screams really soon :woohoo:
I'm not sure if a big presentation is the right thing to do in Sydney. Knowing what Australian crowds can be like, they'll probably jeer me. I don't want to be :scared: in front of people booing at me. Also, I don't think that people from adidas would want me to make the presentation while decked out in my Nike attire, would they? :lol:

Graham, if you can get the Aussie CPers a private meeting with Daniela, that would be :worship: . Back to reality, I kinda think that Eastbourne would be a better place to present Daniela with flowers. There's less chance of getting booed :rolleyes: and there will be more CPers on hand. After the presentation, Daniela can come back to our house with us and :aparty: :yippee:
marquinho_85 said:
:rolleyes: you did not come back completely to reality :rolleyes:
Whoops! :eek: But what is real and what is a figment of the imagination? I can't believe that IMG said they wouldn't have a problem with a presentation of flowers. Somebody should pinch me!

Does anyone know the protocol for presenting someone with flowers? Are you supposed to give a kiss on each cheek like the French do? :kiss:
I don't think that I could handle it :eek: :angel:
GrahamD said:
If there are no more suggestions by tonight, shall I start the poll tomorrow?
Graham, is it possible to make one of those polls that allows you to choose multiple things? This will allow us to choose more than one gift for Daniela.
GrahamD said:
If there is a way, I don't know how you do it. Why would we want to give her more than one gift? I think that may be a tad excessive and multiple voting is unfair on those who only want to vote for one thing. Without wishing to complicate things, one vote for one person, item with most votes wins, is the simplest and most democratic way IMO.
Sounds fair enough. But no matter what happens, Daniela is going to be getting a book on Australia. I'll make sure of that :p
GrahamD said:
Before the poll gets started, these are the suggestions so far -

Beany dolphin (with a CP visor)
Beany Eeyore
Any other beany animal
Bouquet of flowers
Lava lamp
Visor with CP logo
Australian memento
Portrait by Fletch

If there are no more suggestions by tonight, shall I start the poll tomorrow?
Graham, I'm going to make the poll on November 1st. That will give everyone time for last-minute suggestions before the list is finalised. BTW, you can create a poll that allows for multiple selections by checking the box on the "poll" screen. However, I won't make a poll like this because I agree with what you said about the gift with the most votes winning.

I believe that we should give Daniela an Australian book, as well as another gift. The poll will be used to determine what type of gift, in addition to a book, that we will give to Daniela. However, I don't want to be a dictator. If you think that we shouldn't give a book as part of the gift, please tell me :).

This is a final call for ideas. If you have an idea for a gift, now is the time to say it, otherwise it won't be included in the poll :)
GrahamD said:
The book sounds fine, nice idea, but we have to be cautious over going too over-the-top and overloading her with gifts.

We're already talking about gifts for Eastbourne and Toronto but before then, there is the small matter of her 21st birthday in April, so we need to think this out carefully without appearing to be too excessive.
For sure, we don't want to be overloading Daniela with gifts. I thought it would be a good idea to get Daniela something nice that represents Australia and other people had some good suggestions. I think that a book, another small gift and a card isn't excessive. It will be her first tournament in 3 months, so I think a great show of support from the Cocktail Party will inspire her to have a great year. I'm sure that she'll like whatever we give her and will be happy that we care :)
beauty_is_pink said:
Here.. to incorporate Graham's "small gift" idea with Kevin's "Aussie book" idea:
kevinc982 said:
I think the book idea was Epigones!
Pinky, that was my idea :bigcry:. I guess you think that I'm so boring that I couldn't come up with an idea like that :rolleyes: ;)
I'm starting the poll tomorrow morning Australian time (GMT+10).

Two questions:
1. Should I make it so that people can see what other people have chosen?
2. Should I have a time limit on the poll, or should I just close it after all of the CP regulars have had a chance to vote?

This is your final, final chance to make a suggestion for a gift. :bounce:
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