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Sydney gift

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As you probably know, I'm going to the adidas International in Sydney on the 11th of January. This will be Daniela's first tournament of the 2004 season, so I'd like to get her year off to a great start by giving her a really nice gift from the Cocktail Party. I'm aware that some people are planning on spending some time away from the board, but I would like to get their input as well. We have approximately 2 1/2 months in order to find the perfect present for Danielka.

If you have any ideas for gifts, list them in this thread. If you want to send something to me to give to Daniela, PM me and I'll give you my address. Once we have enough ideas, I'll start a poll so that we can vote on a final decision.
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kevinc982 said:
Actually, that's got me thinking...

What about the CP logo printed on some tennis-handle grips?

Or would Babolat(sp?) have a strop...
Speaking of Babolat is she still sponsored by them, I know she still uses there racquets but she hasn't been using a babolat bag since the middle of the year and has used a nike one instead. I thought that was strange how she changed to that and my friend just made the suggestion that maybe they don't sponsor her anymore and so that is why she is using nike bags but still uses there racquets cause she likes them :confused: She is still probably sponsored by them though I think. Babolat racquets are the best both Dani and Kim use them :p
I went to and i think that is there official site :confused: not to sure but Dani isn't listed as being part of their racket or string teams, so maybe she isn't sponsored by them anymore :confused:
If not then they couldn't object to anything you want to put on her racquet
1 - 2 of 163 Posts
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