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I posted this article at as well but they deleted it immediately. I'm not sure who really administers that site, whether it's a quasi-official site of Patty, or perhaps they are just afraid of Rainer Hofmann or what. Actually I don't really care why, but basically they are policing their message board trying to pretend that this kind of news about Hofmann is not going around. If I find any more articles I am going to keep posting them here.

This artikel appeared Thursday 12 June in Zurich’s “Tages-Anzeiger,” one of the three main newspapers of Switzerland (translated from German by Babelfish software) It is not a "trashy tabloid" like Blick, it is a "main-stream" newspaper.

"Million-fraud: Is Patty Schnyder paying the Debts of her Fiance?"

Rainer Hofmann, engaged to the Tennis-Player Patty Schnyder, only barely escaped prison: because the million-cheat pays his debt back.

by Hugo Stamm, Frankfurt.

The 35-year old German private detective Rainer Hofmann is a million-cheat. This is evidenced clearly by the judgement of the district court Frankfurt/Main, which is present the TA. The judge wanted to send the boyfriend and caretaker of many years of Patty Schnyder into the prison, but Hofmann promised to compensate the betrayed companies. Therefore the judge showed mildness and issued a conditioned term of imprisonment of 18 months. But here begin the inconsistencies, which the judge ignores. The central question is: From where does Hofmann take hundreds of thousands of Francs, which he owes the cheated companies?

“3000 euros in monthly wages”

Hofmann for the trial of from 14 November 2002 indicated that he earns per month 3000 euros. He has obviously no principal fortune. Nevertheless he has already re-imbursed several hundred thousand Francs, as ordered by the judgement. The judge does not ask however from where the money comes. The public prosecutor was more skeptical at the negotiation and expressed his hope that Hofmann will not have to be dealt with soon again by another public prosecutor's office, perhaps in Switzerland.
The assumption is nearly to be had that Patty Schnyder supports Hofmann from under the arms. In any case the main-damaged party, which is the German Telekom company, has received money directly from Patty Schnyder’s bank accounts. Fact is also that Hofmann controls at least a part of the financial interests of Switzerland's best woman professional player. The question arises, how much oversight Patty Schnyder has over her own finances. The judge classified the criminal energy of Hofmann as "not small", however she only a conditioned term of imprisonment handed down to him. Not only, because Hofmann wants to settle the damage, but also, because he "lives in secured social and personal conditions" at present. Actually: Hofmann lives together for several years with Patty Schnyder and despite the verdict of guilty, he received a foreigners residence grant in Canton Schwyz. Since approximately a half year the two live in Baech.
Rainer Hofmann in three cases embezzled money and several times falsified documents. The acts go back to the years 1995 to 1999. The most fruitful coup concerned the German Telekom. Hofmann leased telephones and fax devices for approximately one million Francs and then got rid of them. Later he pretended to be a trustee and falsified an invoice. In this way he swindled a boat dealer of nearly 100,000 Francs. In addition Hofmann three leased boats in the total value of approximately 200,000 Francs verscherbelte.

Lonely existence in the tennis world

Patty Schnyder lives in the tennis tour very much isolated. First she lived briefly in the shadows with the curious Rainer Harnecker (also previously convicted). But for four years now she has led a lonely life on the WTA tour with the million-cheat Rainer Hofmann. In addition it contributes to the worse that Hofmann speaks very badly, rudely on journalists, and if one writes a critical article, Hofmannn threatens immediately with a law complaint. Also the parents of Patty Schnyder can sing a song of unzimperlichen handling by Rainer Hofmann - they are likewise confronted with law complaints. Therefore: A continuation shall follow.
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