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  • No contestant is to quit the game during the pre-merged portion of the game.
  • If you wish to be voted out, simply ask your tribe to vote you out.
  • You may only quit once the tribes have merged, mid game. If a tribe member quits during a challenge, the challenge will continue as normal, and the tribal council will go on as scheduled.
  • All Survivors must vote if their Tribe is at Tribal Council. I will be strict on this rule - penalties are in place for anyone that does not vote in time.
  • You may not vote for yourself, nor change your vote once it has been sent.
  • All votes will be sent via PM to Lachy.
  • If a contestant is sitting out a challenge, to even up the tribe numbers, s/he may not participate in the challenge in any way. The contestant/s that are sitting out a challenge must announce so in the main thread.

Please note - this weekly schedule is only for the pre-merge portion of the game (specific post-merge rules will be posted at the time)

Redemption Island

BRAND NEW to this season is Redemption Island! I'm sure others can explain this concept better than I can but here goes - when a player is voted off, they will be sent 'secretly' to Redemption Island. When on Redemption Island, the contestant will choose a remaining contestant (in the game) to receive 2 clues on the location of a hidden immunity idol. Only ONE person may be on Redemption Island at any given time, so when another person is voted off, the newly voted off contestant and previous person on Redemption Island will complete a challenge to determine who remains on the island. What's the advantage in trying to remain on Redemption Island? At some point you will secure a spot back in the game!

  • Since this is a tennis forum, some challenges will incorporate tennis-related questions/tasks.
  • Both tribes contest Immunity Challenges weekly. Each week, the tribe that loses the immunity challenge will face elimination at tribal council.
  • The tribe that wins the weekly Immunity Challenge will contest Reward Challenges. The winner of the Reward Challenge is offered an advantage that they may choose to use at the next tribal council they participate in. The advantage may NOT be saved and used at a later time. If the holder chooses not to use the advantage in the next immediate tribal council, the advantage will no longer exist for that contestant.
  • In the event of a tie at tribal council, a revote among the non-tied contestants will occur, in which the only contestants up for elimination are the tied players.
  • If the re-vote does not resolve the tie, the tied players are granted immunity and the non-tied players (except anyone who has won individual immunity) are forced to complete a tiebreak challenge and/or luck-based challenge. The player that loses the challenge will be elimated
  • When team numbers become low, a merge will occur and each remaining contestant will compete as individuals. At this stage, each contestant will compete in all weekly challenges.
  • The final 9 contestants mark the beginning of ‘The Jury.’ The Jury (made up of 7) have the final say on who wins the game. Be careful of who you make allies with. This may come back to bite you in the end.

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Week One - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week One - Reward Challenge Result
Week One - Tribal Council Result
Week Two - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Two - Reward Challenge Result
Week Two - Tribal Council Result
Week Three - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Three - Reward Challenge Result
Week Three - Tribal Council Result
Week Four - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Four - Reward Challenge Result
Week Four - Tribal Council Result
Week Five - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Five - Reward Challenge Result
Week Five - Tribal Council Result
Week Six - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Six - Reward Challenge Result
Week Six - Tribal Council Result
Week Seven - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Seven - Reward Challenge Result
Week Seven - Tribal Council Result
Week Eight - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Eight - Reward Challenge Result
Week Eight - Tribal Council Result
Week Nine - Individual Immunity Challenge Result
Week Nine - Airai Tribal Council Result
Week Nine - Malakal Tribal Council Result
Week Ten - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Ten - Reward Challenge Result
Week Ten - Tribal Council Result
Week Eleven - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Eleven - Reward Challenge Result
Week Eleven - Tribal Council Result
Week Twelve - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Twelve - Reward Challenge Result
Week Twelve - Tribal Council Result
Week Thirteen - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Thirteen - Reward Challenge Result
Week Thirteen - Tribal Council Result
Week Fourteen - Tribal Immunity Challenge Result
Week Fourteen - Reward Challenge Result
Week Fourteen - Tribal Council Result

  1. Andreas
  2. goOudinUSA [Eliminated Week Eleven]
  3. Barktra
  4. Yoncé
  5. $uricate [Eliminated Week Fourteen]
  6. petey_pan [Eliminated Week Fifteen]
  7. charmedRic [Eliminated Week Thirteen]
  8. SilverSlam

  1. Dani12 [Eliminated Week Ten]
  2. Harju. [Eliminated Week Twelve]
  3. geoepee
  4. Shadowcat
  5. Edy.
  6. randy72391
  7. Cooper96
  8. KournikovaFan91

  1. Blu€ [Eliminated Week Eight]
  2. Zenith. [Eliminated Week Seven]
  3. charmedRic
  4. Cooper96
  5. Edy.
  6. malarkist [Eliminated Week Two]
  7. JustPetko [Eliminated Week Five]
  8. MMJSL [Eliminated Week One]
  9. moodin0931 [Eliminated Week Nine]
  10. randy72391
  11. SilverSlam
  12. Lorde [Eliminated Week Four]
  13. Shadowcat

  1. Andreas
  2. Barktra
  3. Dani12
  4. geoepee
  5. goOudinUSA
  6. Harju.
  7. jrollaneres25 [Eliminated Week Three]
  8. KournikovaFan91
  9. petey_pan
  10. Yoncé (Reephoria.)
  11. $uricate
  12. tucker1989 [Eliminated Week Six]
  13. Vartan [Eliminated Week Nine]

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Re: SURVIVOR TF #2 - FANS v FAVORITES - Come and sign-up!

I might be interested, but its late now so i will fully read it over then :wavey:
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