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By Stephen Wood

NEW YORK, Sept 2 (Reuters) - Loved by television networks but hated by players, the U.S. Open said on Tuesday that its controversial "Super Saturday" package could be scrapped.

Both men's singles semi-finals and the women's title match are scheduled for the second Saturday of the tournament, with the matches attracting high viewing figures.

The male players, however, dislike having to contest the semi-finals and Sunday's final in two successive days, arguing it does not provide enough time for rest.

This week's wet weather in New York -- which has caused rain delays and a rescheduling of matches -- precipitated discussion on the issue.

"We think it's been time to review that for a while now," said Arlen Kantarian, chief executive of the USTA's professional tennis division, in a media conference.

"It doesn't have much to do with the rain situation.

"From a fairness to the players standpoint...(we) have been investigating it and in the next year we will continue to discuss it with our television partners.

"We are for (a change) from a player perspective."

Kantarian argued that for the women, however, "Super Saturday" is beneficial.

With their final scheduled for the primetime evening session instead of the afternoon, it gives the finalists a few extra hours' preparation.

"From a women's point of view, we do think that "Super Saturday" is gives more rest for them," he said.

"But we will (still) continue to look at all scheduling options."

The year's other three grand slams -- the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon -- all schedule the men's semi-finals on the second Friday, followed by the final on Sunday after a rest day on Saturday.

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I think Super Saturday is going to stay.....Its not like the men are playing 3 days in a row it's just two and don't the women have to play two days as well with their semi-finals being on Friday?

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I think whatever pleases the men and what makes the US Open and TV the most money will be the deciding factor.

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I think whatever pleases the men and what makes the US Open and TV the most money will be the deciding factor.
Well put Dawn.

It's different for the men and women because the men play 3 of 5 sets. The blowout mens finals in recent years may have the USTA rethinking their policy.
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