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Sunday Scores

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It's qualifying day 2 :p

First matches begin in 40 mins :) :)
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yes 5-5 :)
go Steph :)
Jordan. said:

Awwwwe, I was very pissed to see she didn't enter qualies here. She's such a wasted talent.. :sad: But thanks! :D
She probably asked for a wild card to Bronx. She always forgets to enter on time and probably it happened again, don't worry :)
Yes, that's what I was thinking!

I hope she does, LOL.. :(
Steph 6-5 :)
break now Steph :)
Angie 5-2
Widjaja v. Krivencheva 5-2* :fiery:

long game with Svetlana having break pts :mad: :mad:
Dubois 5-7 7-5
Steph won 2nd 7-5 :woohoo: :D :D
Fight Dally :mad:
Should have closed it out in the 2nd.
Widjaja v. Krivencheva 5*-3

break now Svetlana :)
Daja 4-3 :) Good hold

Now break, break, break, break, break, break, break!
121 - 140 of 323 Posts
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