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Sunday Scores

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It's qualifying day 2 :p

First matches begin in 40 mins :) :)
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Vento won her match!!!

C'mon Daja! I believe in you!!! :worship:

Let's go Dally!!!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
TheBoiledEgg said:
i doubt it as its final qual rd
if doubles final was Sat then she could have played today (even played twice) but final rd has to be played on same day (except rain)

thats what i know..... (bet they changed it :eek: )
*prays for rain* :p :(
Julia :smash: :mad:
Daja 5-7 2-2 :eek: :help:

Steph held from 15-40 :)
5-7 1-0 :)
BOO! The nancy beater BOO! Is about to start


Daja 3-2 :)

Vamos Daja, do something before the US Open points come off ;)
No idiot azza.

Julia :help: FIGHT!
:wavey: AKF

Go Daja!
azza said:
Has Nicole Pratts match been played???
Not yet!

Let's go Daja!!!!

Break her now!!!! :hearts: :bounce: :bounce:
Steph 5-7 1-2* :sad: :(
:wavey: Jordan

You can call me by my name ;)

Vamos Daja, break! :)
41 - 60 of 323 Posts
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