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Sunday Scores

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It's qualifying day 2 :p

First matches begin in 40 mins :) :)
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No idiot azza.

Julia :help: FIGHT!
:wavey: AKF

Go Daja!
Atleast I'm not fat and obese and hairy like monkey.
I forgot your name.. :eek: Sorry! :wavey:

Go Daja, Dally, and JULIA! :fiery:
Hola Lucia! :wavey: :kiss: :angel:
Fight Julia.
:wavey: Andre

How was your weekend?

:rolleyes: Lucia puta
My mother is homodo, Lucia! :fiery: :wavey: And thank you. :p

I hope Lindsay wins today. :sad: She played so good yesterday. :eek:
LOL Lucia! I'm not as bitchy as Leena.. :eek: ;)
Julia :rolleyes: Vooshtafa!

Hi Andre. :wavey: I'm cooking spaghetti today. Vooshtafana!
This bitch Arancha shouldn't have won.
No I'm not Tennisfan-MTL. :p

AnnaK_Fan said:

I already had lunch, and my mother made a pudding of condensed milk :drool: Do you always make lunch or dinner?

Daja 2-1 :)
I've never tasted that. :)

I always try to make dinner/lunch/supper/breakfast. ;) I love cooking.

Awwwwe, I was very pissed to see she didn't enter qualies here. She's such a wasted talent.. :sad: But thanks! :D
Yes, that's what I was thinking!

I hope she does, LOL.. :(
Daja :(
1 - 15 of 323 Posts
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