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Sunday Scores

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It's qualifying day 2 :p

First matches begin in 40 mins :) :)
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Jordan. said:
:wavey: Andre

How was your weekend?

:rolleyes: Lucia puta
your mother is also named Lucia? :eek: what a coincidence :lol: j/k ;) I talked about Marissa in FS as you wanted :)
Jordan. said:
My mother is homodo, Lucia! :fiery: :wavey: And thank you. :p

I hope Lindsay wins today. :sad: She played so good yesterday. :eek:
HOMODO? :confused:

Parra broke again 3-6 6-0 5*-2 serve it out Arancha! :bounce: :worship:
1 - 13 of 323 Posts
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