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Sunday Scores

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It's qualifying day 2 :p

First matches begin in 40 mins :) :)
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Daja 5-6 :mad:

Claudine 1-2 in the second :mad:

Fight girls!!!
Daja lost first set 7-5 :fiery:

She can't beat anyone right now :rolleyes:
Does anyone know how Daja is in the top 100? Because she has done nothing this year :eek:

Claudine break here!
TheBoiledEgg said:
Daja has 196 pts from US Open on her tally still
Thanks. So that means that in some weeks she'll be next to Anna in the rankings :sad:

Come on Claudine!!!!!!!!
Daja 3-2 :)

Vamos Daja, do something before the US Open points come off ;)
:wavey: Jordan

You can call me by my name ;)

Vamos Daja, break! :)
I suspected so ;) It's Andre

Daja broke, 4-2 :D Keep going :)
Daja won second set 6-2 :D and she hasn't lost a point for some games :eek: :)
It was shit as always :eek: It's very hot (I have to sleep in the living room with the air conditioner on) and there's nothing to do, except come here to WTAWorld ;) Yesterday I watched Sugyiama vs Davenport, but Lindsay played too well for Ai.

Jordan, you are learning some spanish words faster! :tape:
Daja 1-0 :D

I want Kim to win today :p What have you done Jordan?
Jordan. said:
Julia :rolleyes: Vooshtafa!

Hi Andre. :wavey: I'm cooking spaghetti today. Vooshtafana!

I already had lunch, and my mother made a pudding of condensed milk :drool: Do you always make lunch or dinner?

Daja 2-1 :)
Jordan. said:
No I'm not Tennisfan-MTL. :p

I've never tasted that. :)

I always try to make dinner/lunch/supper/breakfast. ;) I love cooking.
You should come to my house ;) I'm so lazy to cook and my mother is always tired and asking for :help: lol

By the way I still didn't post nothing on the Marissa forum :eek: but I will ;) I liked to watch her against Martina in the US Open
Jordan. said:

Awwwwe, I was very pissed to see she didn't enter qualies here. She's such a wasted talent.. :sad: But thanks! :D
She probably asked for a wild card to Bronx. She always forgets to enter on time and probably it happened again, don't worry :)
Daja 4-3 :) Good hold

Now break, break, break, break, break, break, break!
1 - 20 of 323 Posts
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