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Shooter said:
Steveg -

Did you take these pics yourself? Did you use your new Canon digital? The color quality is very nice.
Hello Mike. Thanks :) .

Yes I used my new camera ;) . I had a 70-200mm 1:2.8 zoom with image stabiliser.

The light was extreme in Bali. I had to use a polarizing filter and still could shoot anywhere between 1/800s and 1/1,250 s.

I'll send you some other photos by email ;) .

It was however difficult to find a good angle at some times. The monday night photos are however awfull :sad: . Not enough artificial light.

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Stephane, thanks for sharing these pics! Great! :cool:

Are you still there today? Or you were there as you have planned in ur email? :wavey: I have mentioned about your presence to Toto...BTW, Amri/koj-e did not know that Setio was not there yet in the other thread...Setio may fly there tomorrow if he gets permission from his boss! :eek:

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Thank you Steven!!!
I Like Lisa Adriyano :D
and Shiho Hisamatsu :hearts:
and Jelena Dokic :hearts:
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