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Remember, every choice, whether good or bad, can be deadly...

Suicide US Open 2013

1. Each day of play, you must pick 1 winner playing a WTA main draw singles match. (READ: DO NOT PICK A MATCH FROM THE QUALIFYING DRAW!). Of course, the player that you choose, is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste a pick on Petra Kvitova or Serena Williams in the early rounds. Conversely, you don't want to make a pick at all on Venus Williams. Has-beens are not hot.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. As well, your pick must be chosen before the pick's match has commenced, otherwise it will be considered a wrong pick, and thus you will again, be out of the tournament.

4. In the case of a walkover, or a withdrawal, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurrence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identified like this:

BACK-UP PICK – Samantha Stosur

If it is not clearly identified, then both picks will be declared invalid.

5. There will be no byes in the first round.

6. Your sign up will be confirmed when you post your picks on the first day of main draw play, and so please do not post “In” or any other variation to sign in.

7. Please be advised that you may only play ONE Suicide Tennis tournament per week. If you play in multiple tournaments per week, you will be given a score of ZERO for the week to go into your ranking.

8. Once you've post your pick it's final, you CAN'T change them.
So don't edit or delete your post or else you will be DISQUALIFIED!

Ranking Points for US Open (Grand Slam)
DAY 1: 5
DAY 2: 50
DAY 3: 100
DAY 4: 130
DAY 5: 160
DAY 6: 220
DAY 7: 280
DAY 8: 390
DAY 9: 500
DAY 10: 700
DAY 11: 900 (No Pick)
DAY 11: 1100 (Invalid)
DAY 12: 1400 (No Pick)
DAY 12: 1640 (Invalid)
DAY 12: 2000 (Winner)
Further Information

Suicide Tennis Introduction and Rules - Please click this

Suicide Tennis Rankings - Please click this


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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013


Winner (2000 pts)

qczi                  Hampton, Larcher de Brito, Shvedova, Glushko, Stephens, Ivanovic, Suarez Navarro, Vinci, Li, Pennetta, Azarenka, S.Williams

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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013


Day 11 - invalid pick (1100 pts)

MH0861                Hampton, Cornet, Kanepi, Kirilenko, Stephens, Ivanovic, Li, Vinci, S.Williams, Azarenka, Pennetta
Day 8 (390 pts)

goOudinUSA            Hampton, Cornet, Robson, Kirilenko, Kerber, Hantuchova, Li, Halep
Tennisfan06           Mattek-Sands, Vinci, Robson, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Li, Riske
Kon.                  Stephens, Errani, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska, Vinci, Li, Halep
Day 7 (280 pts)

coolfish1103          Stephens, Cornet, Pavlyuchenkova, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Azarenka, Kerber
Buitenzorg            Hampton, Cornet, Pavlyuchenkova, Glushko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Jose.                 Hampton, Errani, Lisicki, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
kere0307              Mladenovic, Cornet, Pavlyuchenkova, Halep, Li, Ivanovic, Jankovic
SilverSlam            Bouchard, Hantuchova, Suarez Navarro, Kvitova, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
Adrian.               Hampton, Pennetta, Lisicki, Wozniacki, Stephens, Vinci, Kerber
WhoAmI?               Shvedova, Errani, Hampton, Cornet, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Ceze                  Makarova, Cornet, Shvedova, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Halep, A.Radwanska
Alycia.               Bouchard, Hantuchova, Pavlyuchenkova, Glushko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Chris_84              Stephens, Wozniacki, Pavlyuchenkova, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
joe87                 Stephens, Hantuchova, Pavlyuchenkova, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
JustPetko             Hampton, Vinci, Li, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Hantuchova, A.Radwanska
tenniscreep           Hampton, Ivanovic, Lisicki, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Hantuchova, Kerber
smokovec              Kerber, Errani, Suarez Navarro, Vinci, Li, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
delicatecutter        Hampton, Wozniacki, Shvedova, Kirilenko, Stephens, Ivanovic, Kerber
Meelis                Hampton, Hantuchova, Shvedova, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
DAVAJ MKirilenko      Cirstea, Hantuchova, Kanepi, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Vinci, Kerber
gegalli               V.Williams, Kvitova, Robson, Giorgi, Stephens, Hantuchova, A.Radwanska
Zenjo                 Stephens, Errani, Lisicki, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Vinci, A.Radwanska
AlissonValerio        Stephens, Vesnina, Lisicki, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Hantuchova, Kerber
Si_Hi                 Stephens, Hantuchova, Suarez Navarro, Cornet, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
Wedgie619             Stephens, Vinci, Robson, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
BlackPanther.         Mattek-Sands, Cornet, Shvedova, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Emrys                 Stephens, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Li, Vinci, Kerber
dukefan1210           Stephens, Hantuchova, Pavlyuchenkova, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Frederik              Hampton, Vinci, Shvedova, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
Xepher                Stephens, Hantuchova, Lisicki, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Vinci, Kerber
Broseghini            Stephens, Errani, Lisicki, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Hantuchova, Kerber
illusyve              Robson, Hantuchova, Shvedova, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Vinci, A.Radwanska
KittyTennis           Hampton, Vinci, Shvedova, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanka
Barktra               Hampton, Vinci, Suarez Navarro, Halep, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Cooper96              Mattek-Sands, Cornet, Pavlyuchenkova, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
BepaMaria             Stephens, Ivanovic, Li, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Azarenka, Kerber
AYUMI-GOAT            Mattek-Sands, Scheepers, Shvedova, Glushko, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
Soliloque             Bouchard, Larcher de Brito, Suarez Navarro, Wozniacki, Stephens, Ivanovic, A.Radwanska
purtov                Hampton, Ivanovic, Shvedova, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Hantuchova, Kerber
NyCPsU                Stephens, Hantuchova, Pavlyuchenkova, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Ivanovic, Kerber
andyroddlick          Hampton, Cornet, Suarez Navarro, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Vinci, Kerber
[email protected]                Suarez Navarro, Hantuchova, Shvedova, Halep, Stephens, Vinci, Kerber
Gavnich77             Vandeweghe, Wozniacki, Lisicki, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Vinci, Kerber
Day 6 (220 pts)

JustWonderful         Stephens, Ivanovic, Pavlyuchenkova, Hantuchova, Jankovic, Kvitova
Andreas               Hampton, Hantuchova, Shvedova, Ivanovic, Jankovic, Kvitova
Cp6uja                Shvedova, Cornet, Lisicki, Halep, Jankovic, Wozniacki
ronim1                Stephens, Vinci, Pavlyuchenkova, Halep, Jankovic, Wozniacki
Milan.                Hampton, Vekic, Pavlyuchenkova, Glushko, Jankovic, Wozniacki
sd330123              Kerber, Kvitova, Lisicki, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Wozniacki
Daszmarelli           Stephens, Cornet, Suarez Navarro, Kirilenko, Jankovic, Wozniacki
Zauber                Hampton, Ivanovic, Pavlyuchenkova, Cornet, Jankovic, Wozniacki
shyguyspecial         Robson, Larcher de Brito, Jankovic, Halep, Li, Wozniacki 
digor                 Mattek-Sands, Hantuchova, Pavlyuchenkova, Cornet, Jankovic, no pick
Day 5 (160 pts)

tripler               Hampton, Wozniacki, Li, Kvitova, Kanepi
Ethiopian Clowns      U.Radwanska, Safarova, Suarez Navarro, Hantuchova, Kanepi
valac222              Hampton, Scheepers, Pavlyuchenkova, Ivanovic, Lisicki
aussie_fan            Stephens, Hantuchova, Lisicki, Glushko, no pick
Alexmonteiro          Stephens, Kuznetsova, Pavlyuchenkova, Ivanovic, no pick
Day 4 (130 pts)

ESimp                 Stephens, Vinci, Shvedova, Vesnina
lolanda_4             Makarova, Errani, Robson, Vesnina
mariusz_pol           Hampton, Ivanovic, Pavlyuchenkova, Vesnina
RJCSF69               Lisicki, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Vesnina
Day 3 (100 pts)

Hele.                 Kerber, Vekic, V.Williams
Jaco·He               Li, Ivanovic, V.Williams
Hapsara               Mattek Sands, Cornet, Cirstea
Richie's              Hampton, Cornet, Cirstea
elluko86              Hampton, Ivanovic, Cirstea
*Jean*                Stephens, Pennetta, Cirstea
Miracle Worker        Stephens, Errani, Cirstea
Palin6o               A.Radwanska, Wozniacki, Cirstea
TennisSLO             Stephens, Errani, no pick
DiRenan               Hampton, Cornet, no pick
Day 2 (50 pts)

MollyVolley           Hampton, Petkovic
amitooshacham         Mattek-Sands, Petkovic
AbyssII               Mattek-Sands, Petkovic
joeh37                Stephens, Petkovic
steph1982             Bouchard, Petkovic
James                 Hampton, Zakopalova
Igorche               Mattek-Sands, Zakopalova
rbfilipe              Robson, Lepchenko
luppy55               Stephens, Stosur
HenryMag.             Stephens, Stosur
Poiree                Stephens, Stosur
Håkon                 Stephens, Stosur
Wonderwall            Mattek-Sands, Lucic-Baroni
wikuch                Hampton, Lucic-Baroni
anthonyqld            Stephens, no pick
okramb                Mladenovic, no pick
dogwonder24           Shvedova, no pick
Ianto_Jones           Mattek Sands, no pick

Day 1 (5 pts)

zziptennis            Rybarikova
Antoshka              Rybarikova
gio123                Rybarikova
Hidalgo               Rybarikova
gulzhan               Rybarikova
Sloejelly             Rybarikova
Hit_It_Hard           Rybarikova
Monzanator            Rybarikova
Brenda_fan            Rybarikova
ArturJFC              Rybarikova
kondrashov            Rybarikova
Drake1980             Rybarikova
Christork17           Rybarikova 
AUSBOY                Ryabrikova
hessie                Rybarikova
rvugt                 Rybarikova
pedropt               Rybarikova
come on lena          Rybarikova
Frenchtouch           Erakovic
garyyoung             Erakovic
In The Zone           Erakovic
Uranium               Erakovic
StarLuk               Erakovic
Smitten               Cetkovska
Med.Nico              Voegele
Tourniquet            Puig
Material World        Puig
tauparticle           Puig
JeMa                  Puig
andrew_uk             Puig
Kworb                 Puig

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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013


Day 9

Makarova vs Li
S.Williams vs Suarez Navarro

Day 8

Riske vs Hantuchova
Ivanovic vs Azarenka
Halep vs Pennetta
Giorgi vs Vinci

Day 7

S.Williams vs Stephens
Jankovic vs Li
Suarez Navarro vs Kerber
A.Radwanska vs Makarova

Day 6

McHale vs Ivanovic
Wozniacki vs Giorgi
Kirilenko vs Halep
Cornet vs Azarenka
Knapp vs Vinci
Kvitova vs Riske
Kuznetsova vs Pennetta
Glushko vs Hantuchova

Day 5

Robson vs Li
Hampton vs Stephens
S.Williams vs Shvedova
A.Radwanska vs Pavlyuchenkova
Makarova vs Lisicki
Zheng vs Suarez Navarro
Jankovic vs Nara
Kerber vs Kanepi

Day 4

Pennetta vs Errani
Wozniacki vs Scheepers
Wozniak vs Azarenka
McHale vs Svitolina
Ivanovic vs Dulgheru
Cornet vs Tomljanovic
Riske vs Barthel
Kuznetsova vs Peng
Hantuchova vs Duval
Kvitova vs Jovanovski
Vesnina vs Knapp
Kirilenko vs Larcher De Brito
Giorgi vs Hsieh
Safarova vs Vinci
Vekic vs Halep
Glushko vs Vickery

Day 3

Arvidsson vs Li
S.Williams vs Voskoboeva
U.Radwanska vs Stephens
A.Radwanska vs Torro-Flor
V.Williams vs Zheng
Bouchard vs Kerber
Hampton vs Mladenovic
Vandeweghe vs Suarez Navarro
Makarova vs Mattek-Sands
Jankovic vs Kleybanova
Robson vs Garcia
Ormaechea vs Lisicki
Nara vs Cirstea
Shvedova vs Mayr-Achleitner
Kanepi vs Schmiedlova
Barty vs Pavlyuchenkova

Day 2

Kvitova vs Doi
Wozniacki vs Duan
Pfizenmaier vs Azarenka
Rogowska vs Errani
Duval vs Stosur
Ivanovic vs Tatishvili
Goerges vs McHale
Lepchenko vs Dulgheru
Kuznetsova vs Burdette
Jovanovski vs Petkovic
Peng vs Meusburger
Cornet vs Joao Koehler
Watson vs Halep
Gibbs vs Pennetta
Pironkova vs Riske
Babos vs Vinci
Svitolina vs Cibulkova
Vekic vs Duque-Marino
Kirilenko vs Wickmayer
Lucic-Baroni vs Vickery
Knapp vs Min
Sanchez vs Hantuchova
Larsson vs Barthel
Tsurenko vs Safarova
Dellacqua vs Tomljanovic
Wozniak vs Dolonc
Vesnina vs Beck
Petrova vs Glushko
Hsieh vs Zakopalova
Cepelova vs Giorgi
Scheepers vs Simmonds
Larcher De Brito vs Daniilidou

Day 1

A.Radwanska vs Soler-Espinosa
Flipkens vs V.Williams
S.Williams vs Schiavone
Govortsova vs Li
Minella vs Stephens
Jankovic vs Keys
Hradecka vs Kerber
Robson vs Domingues-Lino
Hampton vs Arruabarrena
Dushevina vs Lisicki
Ormaechea vs Date-Krumm
Kar.Pliskova vs Bouchard
Davis vs Suarez Navarro
Mladenovic vs Medina Garrigues
Kanepi vs King
Johansson vs Mattek-Sands
Fichman vs Cirstea
Makarova vs Hercog
Vandeweghe vs Krunic
Puig vs Kleybanova
Voegele vs Schmiedlova
Nara vs Cadantu
Mayr-Achleitner vs Rybarikova
Begu vs U.Radwanska
Torro-Flor vs Erakovic
Garcia vs Rogers
Razzano vs Pavlyuchenkova
Cetkovska vs Arvidsson
Bertens vs Zheng
Shvedova vs Puchkova
Cabeza Candela vs Barty
Voskoboeva vs Niculescu

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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013


Day 8

Vinci 2, Halep 2, Riske 1

[B]Total: 5[/B]
Day 7

Kerber 24, A.Radwanska 15, Li 4
Jankovic 1, Suarez Navarro 1

[B]Total: 45[/B]
Day 6

Ivanovic 25, Vinci 10, Wozniacki 7,
Hantuchova 7, Azarenka 2, Kvitova 2,
Halep 1

[B]Total: 54[/B]

Day 5

Jankovic 42, Stephens 7, Li 4,
Kanepi 2, Kerber 1,  A.Radwanska 1
Lisicki 1

[B]Total: 58[/B]
Day 4

Kirilenko 14, Wozniacki 13, Ivanovic 11,
Halep 6, Glushko 6, Vesnina 4,
Cornet 4, Hantuchova 2, Kvitova 2,
Giorgi 1, Vinci 1

[B]Total: 64[/B]
Day 3

Pavlyuchenkova 17, Shvedova 13, Lisicki 11,
Suarez Navarro 8, Cirstea 6, Robson 5,
Jankovic 4, Li 3, Kanepi 2,
V.Williams 2, Hampton 1

[B]Total: 72[/B]

Day 2
Cornet 14, Hantuchova 13, Errani 9,
Vinci 8, Ivanovic 8, Wozniacki 7,
Petkovic 5, Stosur 4, Larcher de Brito 3,
Zakopalova 2, Vekic 2, Lucic-Baroni 2,
Kvitova 2, Pennetta 2, Scheepers 2,
Lepchenko 1, Kuznetsova 1, Safarova 1,
Vesnina 1

[B]Total: 87[/B]
Day 1

Stephens 29, Hampton 27, Rybarikova 17, 
Mattek Sands 11, Puig 6, Erakovic 5, 
Bouchard 4, Shvedova 3, Robson 3,
Kerber 3, Mladenovic 2, Makarova 2,
A.Radwanska 1, V.Williams 1, Cetkovska 1,
Lisicki 1,  Li 1, Voegele 1,
Cirstea 1, Vandeweghe 1, U.Radwanska 1,
Suarez-Navarro 1

[B]Total: 123[/B]

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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013

Day 1

Pick: Stephens
Back Up: Rybarikova

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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013


BU Stephens

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Re: Suicide | US OPEN | 2013

D1: Shvedova
BU: Cirstea
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