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win·ner (wĭn'er)


One that wins, especially a victor in sports or a notably successful person.

winnaar Sieger νικητής gagnant רעיון מבטיח vincitore победитель vinnare الظافر succé лауреат εχέγγυο επιτυχίας Erfolg

1. Each day of play, you must pick 1 winner playing a WTA main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose, is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. This is where the twist comes in. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste a pick on Clijsters or Sharapova to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. As well, your pick must be chosen before the first match has commenced, otherwise it will be considered a wrong pick, and thus you will again, be out of the tournament.

For Example:

On DAY 02 daniela86 chooses Paola Suarez. From that point on, daniela86 (assuming he qualifies) is unable to choose Paola Suarez again. It is especially significant when on the semifinal day, you are choosing who you believe will win in the semifinals, but also lose in the final.

4. Only in the case of a walkover, or a withdrawal, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identitified like this:

BACK-UP PICK - Daniela Hantuchova

If it is not clearly identitified, then both picks will be declared invalid.​

For Example:

Hobart - 2006 - Day 1 Matches:

Severine Bremond vs [WC] Christina Wheeler
[Q] Anne Kremer vs [2] Klara Koukalova
[Q] Olga Poutchkova vs Mara Santangelo
[1] Katarina Srebotnik vs [WC] Casey Dellacqua
Michaella Krajicek vs Maret Ani
[Q] Arantxa Parra Santonja vs Kristina Brandi
[3] Anna Smashnova vs Laura Granville
Mashona Washington vs Emilie Loit
Evgenia Linetskaya vs Alona Bondarenko
Martina Sucha vs Jelena Kostanic

andrew_uk chooses Jelena Kostanic and "Back-Up Pick - Klara Koukalova"
Chevina chooses Katarina Srebotnik and "Back-up Pick - Laura Granville"
pirlo chooses Anna Smashnova and "Back-up Pick - Michaella Krajicek"

Day 1 Match Results:

[Q] Anne Kremer def. [2] Klara Koukalova
Jelena Kostanic def. Martina Sucha
[WC] Casey Dellacqua def. [LL] Aleksandra Wozniak (Wozniak replaces Srebotnik in the main draw, due to her withdrawal)
Laura Granville def. [3] Anna Smashnova
Michaella Krajicek def. Maret Ani

andrew_uk's pick of Kostanic is correct, he has qualified for Day 2.
Chevina's pick of Srebotnik is invalid, due to her withdrawal. However, because his back-up pick is correct, he has qualified for Day 2.
pirlo's pick of Smashnova is incorrect, therefore he has not qualified for Day 2.

Despite andrew_uk and Chevina qualifying for Day 2, they are not allowed to choose their picks from Day 1 for the remainder of the tournament (for andrew_uk that would be Kostanic, and for Chevina that would be Granville).

5. As you get deeper into the draws, you have to start picking based on not only who you think will win, but who is likely to lose down the road. And remember, if you are still alive come semi-final time, you are not only picking who you think would win a semi, but also who would lose the final, since you could not pick the same player again.

Remember, every choice, whether good or bad, can be deadly...

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los·er (lū'zer)


One that fails consistently, especially a person with bad luck or poor skills.

mislukkeling Verlierer ηττημένος perdant χαμένος perdente проигравший förlorare Versager perdedor الخاسر מפסידן fracasado Versager

Game Play

1. You have until beginning of the day's match play to pick your player. Once matches have started, you cannot pick a player.

2. Pick one player per day (not per round) to win; if he wins, you are still in the game, if he loses, you are out.

3. If you pick a player whose match is rescheduled for the next day, your original pick still stands.

4. No changing your mind! Once you've picked a player, it sticks.

5. Please make your pick in a timely fashion. Game host reserves the right to disqualify a participant if he feels that the late pick rule is being abused.

6. In order to avoid confusion, please name your pick by the player's last name. NO nicknames or first names. In the case where players share the same last name (e.g. Williams) please use the player's first initial as well (e.g. S. Williams).

7. No sick/off days allowed, nor are stragglers allowed in after the first day of match play has commenced.

8. At the moment, no doubles matches will be included in this game.

i) Tournament Schedule

1. Each player is allowed to play only one tournament each week. As soon as he has selected his first choice in the thread, he has confirmed his commitment.

2. The tournament thread will be entitled:

" Suicide (Insert Tournament Location) "

And will be found within its respective tournament forum.

3. The tournament schedule will mimic the WTA Tour 2006 Calendar. All tournaments will be played, as long as one player has selected their choices before the first day has begun.

4. You may compete in as many weeks of the WTA Tour season as you wish, noting that you only compete in one tournament each week.

ii) Winning

1. There are two ways in which a player can win a tournament:

- If you are the only player to have correctly chosen the winner for each day's play through the final day.

- If in a tournament of greater than 15 players, you have lasted the longest, albeit Day 2, Day 4, Day 6, etc.

ii) In the event of a tie the following will occur

a) The player who had more picks during the tournament is deemed the winner.

For example:

Chris 84 and Gavnich77 are both eliminated on DAY 04 of Suicide Bangkok. Hoiwever, Gavnich was eliminated because he had no picks remaining, while Chris 84 was eliminated because his pick was incorrect. Therefore, Chris 84 is announced the winner.

b)If still in the event of a tie for first and second place, the player whose picks lost fewer games (ONLY in the round that they were selected), will be determined as having won.

For example:

Benjiboy and jrm have both lost on Day 5 in Suicide Sydney. In order to determine who is the winner, and who is the finalist, all of the games lost by their picks are tallied up. This includes their pick who lost her match, thus eliminating them.

jrm's picks have lost a total of 36 games, in the rounds chosen by her.
Benjiboy's picks have lost a total of 22 games, in the rounds chosen by him.

Because Benjiboy's picks have lost fewer games, he is declared winner of Suicide Australia.

c) In the event that they are still tied, the picks who lost fewer sets when they were chosen, including the round in which the pick had lost, will be tallied. The tally which includes fewer sets lost, will be deemed the winner.

d) In the event that they are still tied, the player who posted their pciks earlier on the final day (the final day that they were both still posting choices) will be declared the winner.

iii) Rankings

1. Rankings are based upon how far each person survives in a tournament, with each day you survive, the greater number of points you will receive.

2. The rankings will be completed in similar format to the "ATP Champions Race".

The mandatory tournaments include:
- Australian Open
- Indian Wells
- Miami
- French Open
- Wimbledon
- US Open

Those 6 mandatory counting tournaments, will be combined with your 10 best tournament results.

3. If at the end of the season, you rank amongst the Top 8 players of Suicide Tennis, you will qualify for the Year Endings Championships.

iv) Fed Cup

a) Team Nomination Rules

1. Fed Cup will occur during designated points throughout the year, as indicated by the ITF and WTA Tours.

2. In order to form a team, a minimum of 2 players up to a maximum of 5, will be required. Note, a country can only be represented once, therefore there can not be Australia #1 and Australia #2. However, if you are not selected but wish to participate, you may (for the enitre year) respresent an alternate nation. A Fed Cup player, can only represent one nation each year.

3. The player ranked highest in the Suicide Tennis rankings, will be deemed captain, and be required to select his teammates. It is recommended that you completely fill your roster, though it is your decision.

b) Game Play Rules

1. As a team, you must decide who you believe will be the winning country for each round of World Group action. If the country you have chosen wins the tie, you qualify for the following round. If the country you chose loses, you will be eliminated.

b) Note, only the Team Captain is allowed to post the team's prediction.

2. However, in true Suicide Tennis style, you are not allowed to choose that same country again for the remainder that your team is in contention. As well, to ensure suspence for later rounds, all picks must be PMed to 416_Man. The picks will be revealed following the final, or when a team has dropped out of the competition.

For Example:

In the first round of 2006 Fed Cup, these are the following matches:

Italy v. Zimbabwe
Croatia v. France
Indonesia v. Switzerland
United States of America v. Venezuela

Team Australia chooses Croatia as their pick. Team Canada chooses Venezuela as their pick. Team Romania chooses France as their pick.

The Results:

France def. Croatia
United States of America def. Venezuela

As a result, Team Australia's pick of Croatia is incorrect, because they did not win their tie. Team Canada's pick of Venezuela is also incorrect, because they too, did not win their tie. Both incorrect picks, disqualify them from the Fed Cup. However, Team Romania's selection of France is correct, and thus, they qualify for the next round of Fed Cup. However, Team Romania, is not allowed to choose France (as their pick), for the remainder of the Fed Cup tournament.

3. a) In the case of a tie during the final round of competition, each team's country's lost matches are totalled, and the team with fewer lost matches by their country wins.

For Example:

Team Australia and Team Denmark are the last teams remaining in Suicide Fed Cup. After the final they remain tied. However, all of Team Australia's lost matches by the country's they had chosen in each round totals 5 (Italy def. Zimbabwe 4-1, France def. Italy 3-2, and United States def. France 3-2) . On the other hand, Team Denmark's lost matches by the country's that had selected in each round totals 6. Therefore, Team Australia are deemed winners of the Fed Cup.

b) If there is still a tie, the number of lost sets by the country chosen in each round are totalled.

c) If a tie remains, the team who stated their prediction earlier in the final round, will be deemed the winners of Fed Cup.

v) Absenses

1. I realize that it is inevitable that trips, or inabilities to reach the computer will arise. As a result this will be the approaches

a) If you know you will only be away for the following day:

- If the OOP is not yet out, choose who you believe will win based on the draw. Make a list of 3-4 players maximum that you believe will win, if they are to play tomorrow. It should appear like this:

" I won't be able to predict for DAY 2, as a result if I am to qualify these are my choices:

1. Anastasia Myskina
2. Justine Henin-Hardenne
3. Na Li "

It is assumed then, that if Myskina's match is to be played, then you have chosen her as your pick for that day. If she doesn't play then Justine is your pick, and etc. In the occurence that one player withdraws, the player immediately following that player in your list, will be considered the "Back-Up Pick".

b) If you are to be away for more than one day:

- You have no choice, but to use the above example, and then list your picks as match winner over match winner. It should appear like this:

" I won't be able to predict for DAY 2, DAY 3, or DAY 4, as a result if I am to qualify these are my choices:

1. Anastasia Myskina
2. Justine Henin-Hardenne
3. Na Li

1. Winner of Schnyder/Myskina over Hingis/Stosur
2. Winner of Davenport/Henin-Hardenne over Sharapova/Petrova
3. Winner of Koukalova/Kremer over Santangelo/Pierce

1. Winner of Schnyder/Myskina/Hingis/Stosur over the winner of Davenport/Henin-Hardenne/Sharapova/Petrova
2. Winner of Koukalova/KremerSantangelo/Pierce over the winner of Dementieva/Schruff/Pennetta/Muller

If your picks are opposite each other (e.g. predicting Muller over Pennetta and Pennetta over Muller in the same day), then whichever is labelled 1, will be considered your choice. Thus leaving, #2, invalid.

Be careful not to abuse the system above, if it is becoming more and more frequent, I'll recommend you take a break from the game.

Furthermore, if there are anymore questions, concerns, or inquiries, please PM me, or post it in this thread. Thank-you.

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This game is based on upon a concept created by tangerine_dream on Men's Tennis Forums. It is with her consent that this game was reproduced for WTA World.

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looking very nice jesse :)
sadly, i won't be able to participate much.

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I'm in! :wavey:

I have a question about the rankings at the end. What if i don't play one of the 6 mandatory tournaments b/c i am sick, on vacation, or something along those lines? Do i just get 0 points for that tournament?

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I♥Lindsay said:
I'm in! :wavey:

I have a question about the rankings at the end. What if i don't play one of the 6 mandatory tournaments b/c i am sick, on vacation, or something along those lines? Do i just get 0 points for that tournament?
Just like right now on the WTA, if you skip any of the grandslams and Miami, you will receive 0. For this game, I've also included Indian Wells, so that all of the 2 week tournaments will be given a greater amount of importance.

Remember that if you can atleast give in your picks up until DAY 5 or 6, you'll still be able to receive points up until that date, and every point counts ;).

Thanks for all of you showing your support :)! We'll be starting the week of Tokyo PPO.
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