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1. Seoul
other than Greece, Korea is the only on where
there is no WTA tournament held in the country
among the countries that have held summer Olympics,
even China has one already in Shanghai, a Tier II status
most likely will be upgraded, and Taipei/HK held one before,
i dont know why they dont have one there,
replace: Tokyo had 3 last yr, Seoul should replace a Tier III
2. Maldives
no other reason than it's just too beautiful there not to have one
replace: Tashkent, always weak, maybe the
scenery of Maldives can attract more commitment and spectators,
even though Uzebekstian should have one

in Thailand, Paradon is like the super star, and they
have a couple of juniors coming out there that's not too bad,
i guess moving to Pattaya is the same reason as Jakarta to Bali,
it's a lot better place to have a vacation......
replace: possibly Pattaya
4. Singapore/Guala Lapur/Manilla
if Bali ever got cancelled, one of these cities should
be able to sponsor one i believe
Bali: if it's ever cancelled

well, i live here, and i really hope for one here too,
the challenger event here is quite popular IMO,
but there is only 25K......why not try to upgrade it,
this is what i hope, move Quebec City to Vancouver,
replace: Quebec City, too many on the East Coast (2 in fact)

South America
1. Sao Paul
i thought this is a good place to have a clay event
in Brazil where Gustav is from,
just somewhere from Brazil
replace: Bahai last yr that's canceled this yr
2. Santiago/Buenos Aires
understand about Argentine's situation,
so why not in Chiles......where Gonzalez is from
replace: one of the American's green clay tournament, Sarasota
or Doha coz the week after that is Bogota, then Apaculo.
so they can be plaed in a series for clay specialists

1. Barcelona
for obvious reasons, ATP Master is here, why not WTA?
replace: Hamburg
2. Athens
the coming of Eleni is almost perfect for 2004 Olympics,
i hope there will be tennis tournaments happening there
coz i believe the court should be ready already
replace: Tashkent: good place to do an RG followup IMO

3. Jerusalem
the Holy Open, sponsored by 3 religious organizations
as a signature of peace....wouldnt that be great?
so if Dubai ever got cancelled, this is a nice place to have one too
replace: Doha, if Arabs an have one, why not the Jews....
4. Milan
i thought Palermo could move here,
coz just think of the clothes they might be wearing on court
replace: Estoril that's canceled
5. Amsterdam
even though Netherland already has one,
i dont really understand why not here?
coz this is such a nice place to play
replace: that another tournament played in Netherland
4. Coppenhagan/Bucharest/Stockhlem/Klev/Minsk
Romania and Sweden should have their own tournaments
replace: just a new one to add

1. Johanassberg
Diamond Open......more dersved so than Antwerp i think
with Amanda Coetzer, i thought South Africa
should have a tournament as a celebration
to this player........somehow there is none there,
replace: now doubts about this, coz
there is someone saying it's not really safe to hold one there

2. Cairo
i just think it is a cool place to hold one....
replace: one of the European clay events

should not:
not that they shouldnt be there, but i just dont know why
they are there?..........
1. too many in the country
-there should be one less tournament in Australia,
there are 5, that's a lot, why not give other countries a chance
-Sopot, there arent too many famours Polish players,
for some reason there is a Warsaw that's upgraded,
-Tokyo, 3 in a country is a lot, 3 in a city...that is unacceptable
someone else needs to have it in their own country too,
this year they got better, there are only 2,

2. why is it there?
i understand there should be one in MiddleEast
but there hasnt been too many successful people from there,
-Helsinki........isnt it cold?
-Memphis? in understand Nashville, but Memphis?
Charleston? New Heaven?........
why them instead of
Washington, Seattle, Detroit........
doesnt really make sense to me why some of the
bigger cities dont have one

anymore suggestion?

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Right now, if I want to see a Tier II or higher within 1,000 miles of here (and that's just barely), I have as my choices Scottsdale, Scottsdale and Scottsdale. And sometimes Scottsdale.

Less than a 1,000 miles away? Forget it.

Los Angeles also holds at least two a year now, with the Championships. And it seems like every tennis charity event happens in New England. No one comes to the middle of the U.S. :sad:

Don't mess with Texas!
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I think Houston, Texas needs a WTA Tour event again. With the Men's Clay Court Championships being so successful and the Year-End Championship for the ATP being here, we need a women's event again. Tennis is becoming very popular here. Actually all sports. With all of our new stadiums being bulit were are becoming very sports oriented. We are getting the big events because of them. The NFL SuperBowl in 2004 and MLB All-star Game in 2004 and the ATP year-end championships in 2003 and 2004. We are having a exhibition futbol game between Mexico vs USA (in the Reliant Stadium) this week and the tickets have sold so well that they are seriously talking about getting a professional team for Houston. They also think if the women's World Cup is moved to the US because of SARS, Houston will be at the top of the list as the venue. I can't believe they are building and indoor tennis stadium for the ATP Champs. They could get a women's event in the fall then, before their championships in LA. :) :bounce: :bounce:

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Atlanta needs a tournament, ATP or WTA, period. It's completely idiotic not to have one in Georgia when California, Florida, Texas and New England have MULTIPLE events. :rolleyes:

No more southern cali tourneys, please! :devil:

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I vote for Nome, Alaska and Peoria, Illinois (both outdoors in January). Those are some serious tennis people starved for some tennis action. What say ye, WTA Tour?

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A WTA tourney in Adelaide....this city has produced Hewitt and Molik....I know there is a Mens even' about a ladies? Perhaps towards the end of the year? :wavey:

Don't mess with Texas!
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Look, Houston is the best choice. ;)

From the ATP site:
March 17, 2003

Houston Named City of the Year By International Tennis Hall of Fame

The International Tennis Hall of Fame announced today that Houston, Texas has been selected as the 2003 "City of the Year." The Hall of Fame's City of the Year program was inaugurated in 1989 and honors cities for their contributions to the sport of tennis.

The "City of the Year" program challenges tennis organizations within a selected city to expand public awareness of tennis, encourage increased participation in the sport at all levels, while emphasizing the character-building and development of youth tennis players. Houston was selected as "City of the Year" because of its outstanding tennis leaders and junior tennis programming, in addition to the dedication and commitment of bringing quality tennis events to the area.

The state of Texas has become one of America's promising tennis regions, with more than 47,000 registered United States Tennis Association (USTA) members. The Houston Tennis Association has over 3,600 registered members and the Houston National Junior Tennis League (NJTL) experienced a participation increase of 30% this past year, with more than 4,000 kids swinging racquets in community tennis programs.

Currently, Houston's Westside Tennis Club is the home of the US Men's Clay Court Championships. Since 2001, this tournament has become one of the ATP's most successful events, which features top players Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Andy Roddick. This success prompted the USTA to select Houston as the site of the 2002 Davis Cup Quarterfinal between the US and Spain. A highly successful international event, it received local support from former President George Bush and numerous Houston dignitaries.

Owners of the Westside Tennis Club, Jim and Linda McIngvale, are committed Houston tennis leaders, and put together a successful bid for the Tennis Masters Cup in 2003 and 2004. The culminating event of the professional season, the Tennis Masters Cup features the top seven players in the ATP Champions Race, plus eligible Grand Slam champions, and has featured the crowning of the World No. 1 each of the past three years. Due in large part to the enthusiasm of Houston's leaders, the Tennis Masters Cup will be combined with the Tennis Masters Cup Doubles in 2003 and 2004, marking a combination of the events for the first time since 1985. The event will be staged in a new 8,500 seat outdoor stadium, and will be lit for night play.

Houston is also the home of the World Headquarters of the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). Founded in 1927, USPTA is the world's oldest and largest association of tennis-teaching professionals. With more than 12,500 members worldwide, USPTA strives to raise the standards of the tennis profession while promoting greater awareness of the sport.

Houston's tennis history also includes: the first Virginia Slims tournament was played in Houston on September 23, 1970, and was the groundbreaker for all Virginia Slims future tournaments; in 1973, the Houston Astrodome set the stage for the "Battle of the Sexes" match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, where 30,000+ tennis fans gathered in the dome to watch this historic event; and former WTA professional Zina Garrison, the world's No. 4 ranked player in 1989, is a Houston native.

Houston is the eleventh city to be honored by the International Tennis Hall of Fame as "City of the Year." For the full list, go to, Hall of Fame Awards.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of tennis and its champions. For more information regarding the International Tennis Hall of Fame and its programs, please call 401-849-3990. Visit our web site at

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One of the Los Angeles tourneys should move to Boston or a USopen warmup should be added to Boston cos toronto and new haven is not the same week and more than top ten players need the practice, I think that a tier II or III or IV should be added. I'd like to think that the players 25 and below need to be out there getting in as much work as possible and the location would be great for the travel.

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Oklahoma City, The Green Bay Packers of Tennis.

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I think Santiago, Buenos Aires, or Montevideo should have a tournament. South American players have a really hard time in the tour, they only have one tournament in Colombia, and one in Brazil, and I think that a country like Australia, for example, doesn't produce enough players to have 5 tournaments. And the US have too many tournaments, if you think about it, an american player could be in the top 100 travelling 3 or 4 times a year, and that's not fair for all the other countries.

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Asia: Jakarta, Beijing, Seoul, Hongkong
Europe: Athens, Monte Carlo, Stockholm, Barcelona
Americas: Honolulu, Chicago, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janairo, and somewhere in the Carribean
Africa: Cairo, Johannesburg
Australia: One of the Pacific Ocean Countries

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why is athens listed as being in Asia rather than Europe? :confused:

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Amsterdam :D It's a great city and I think it deserves a Tier 2 or Tier 1 tournament. The Netherlands has everything except a big womens tennis tournament. So much people do play tennis here! Every town has more than 3 tennisclubs, tennis is here with football and hockey (ice sceating ;) ) the most popular sport!

But yeah Amsterdam deserves it!!!

What do you think? :D

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I always thought that, considering all the players they've produced, it's wierd Spain only has one small tournement. So I'm saying Barcelona.

And Tikrit, maybe.
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