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Su-Wei Hsieh(9) vs. Maria Sharapova

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On serve 1-1! Gooo Su-Wei!!!:bounce:
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Whew! Su-Wei holds 2-1! Maria to serve!:bounce: :bounce:
Su-Wei breaks for 3-1!!!! Even without a winner in the game yet!;) Hold your serve now, SU-Wei!!!!!:bounce:
That's a very tight match with a lot of UE compared to the number of winners : 0 / 5 for Su Wei and 2 / 11 for Maria.

Good :) . Su Wei breaks already to lead 3 /1 :bounce: :bounce: .

The netcams are not working for the junior matches :mad: :( .
She has 2 winners now and is leading 4-1!!! Goooo Su-Wei!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Hi KC. Thanks for opening this thread :) .

This fifth game has been lasting hours.
Hey Steve! Su-Wei is doing pretty good, but like Svet Maria is making too many unforced errors........:eek::bounce:
Maria breaks back!:sad: 3-4 Come on Su-Wei!!!
That's already 4 break opportunities for Maria in the first set against only 1 for Su Wei.

Su Wei has been saving a lot of break points so far, but few opportunities for her. This is not a good omen :( .
Su-Wei breaks back 5-3 and serving for the set!! Come on Su-Wei!!! Hold your serve!!!
Maria broke back on love!:rolleyes: Come on Su-Wei!!!!!:bounce: :bounce:
This time, this is she :) . But the netcam view is not really great :( .


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Getting closer :) . But difficult to centre the pics on Su Wei :( .


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Grrrrr!!! Su-Wei had 2 set points!:( 5-5 now!:sad:
Thanks Steve! I'm checking out the outer court cam too!;)

Su-Wei HOLDS! 6-5 at least it'll go to a tiebreak if she can't break next!:) Go Su-Wei!!! Break!!!!
Maria seems to be in control on her serve.

The match stats are still very ugly : Winners /UE

Su Wei : 3 / 19
Maria : 9 / 24
Tiebreak 3-2 Su-Wei! I'm sooo nervous!!! Come on Su-Wei!!!!
Very tight tie-break.

Here is a pic where Su Wei shows her retrieval skills TBE mentioned yesterday ;) .


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