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Strasbourg R1 Tomova def Cornet 3-6 6-4 7-5

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Tomova looking like a tidy player on clay, interesting to see who she gets R1 RG

Poor Alize. Had an amazing year last year but been horrible this year. Looked wiped out for most of the match, though she's been doing that for the last 10 years :LOL:

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who's the big mug now :love:
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Is this court super slow or is it the lack of power from both? What a terrible match, both so passive :hysteric:
Hard to believe this is the same player with wins over Garbine, Simona, Iga, and Emma just last year.
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Despite the poor form generally this year Cornet has been much more competitive in recent weeks, good signs for the grass season.
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that’s the most cornet way to lose a match :hysteric:
Cornet cannot even beat basic Tomova, ugh.

But at least she did not get eviscerated unlike in some other losses this season.
Tomova tennis is way too passive... and gosh such a terrible front runner (n)

Poor Alize was completely knackered in the third set, she fought like a lion... and still won 5 games !
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