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Steffi: Not a Glacial Bitch!

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Having always despised Steffi Graf for her severity and throwing Martina Navratilova's pre-eminence into question, I finally saw a video of her '99 FO win over Hingis. She was so sage and earthy (and rosemary and tyme.) And her maternalism towards a squalling Hingis -- MH was clearly training wheels for Juden or whatever her kid with Andre is called.
In short -- I don't mind that Steffi Graf one bit!
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alfajeffster said:
maternalism toward a squalling Hingis? Okay, I'll stop before that section of the post and stick with the Sage, however, I take this as a reference to her wisdom, and not colour.

Nice to see someone else starting Steffi posts. I, like so many other Graf fans, can't wait for the day they corner her in a commentary booth post-playing days and pick her brains about her experiences and the players and the tour. I think we're all in for quite a few words of wisdom- not to mention surprises.

Oh, and the Juden reference is tempting, but I promised myself a few months ago not to go there because of an insensitive post I made on Daniela Hantuchova's Auschwitz appetite- not good form or direction- best not to go there in the guise of humor.
they should do that before the last of the players she played against disappear.
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