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Steffi Graf - An Unorthodox Player

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We all know that she takes her forehand waaaaayyy too late. And her ball toss was unbelievably high. And no one has hit more passing shots off the backhand with slice.

So, do you feel that Steffi Graf was the player she was because of her unorthodox play, or in spite of them?

Someone once said that steffi and monica are amazing because they are able to win although their play is not orthodox. but i feel that that's also the reason why they win so much.
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steffi won the grand slam without talking to her coach. that's pretty amazing :eek:
people also said steffi could not win without her forehand but I have seen her win matches were her forehand went all over the court so it's not true that she was nothing without it!
she could if she wanted to become patient.

steffi's serve sucked and then she took a break for three months and then had the best (affective wise) first serve for years. that's talent :worship:
dava_russianrule said:
Yes and she used to hold her second service ball in her left hand. I cant serve like that, I have to have one ball at a time. Never mind play the rest of the point.
I think though that it was normal to do that before the ninties but steffi was probably the last who stopped doing it. I think in 91? maybe after the match against patricia hy where she was forced to play double handed? (for sure she still did it in 1990)
people always said steffi had no talent and only worked hard. that made her insecure according to heinz gunthardt who wrote that in grand slam 95 but he also said steffi winning the french that year without any preparation since she was lying in bed with flue which also increased her already chronical injured back is something that is impossible without incredible talent :bowdown:@steffi
as somebody said on the steffi newsgroup. steffi was the symbol of the old and new generation. she played semi old tennis and semi new tennis. if she had be born three years later she had probably hit double handed on the backhand side too.
venus footwork is not the best in the world either sure it improved 100% since I first saw her in 97 but still it's not the best for sure.
I thought she said that about steffi;)
no martina said that about steffi in 95 or 96
tinkerbell said:
what do u mean she didn't talk to her coach had she fallen out with him?
no according to him she didn't real talk to him for the first two years :eek:
no her supposed coach was her ballboy
he said it himself in an interview and that two months before he got fired :eek:
martina didn't like steffi because steffi didn't give an autograph when she was 9

really this story is true, martina told it at least 10 times ;)
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