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Spilling the True Tea on the US Open

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Sadly I was banned during the US Open so wasn't here to comment on the festivities as they happened. But I am thankful of that, because it meant that rather than saying things in the heat of the moment and being taken to task for such comments I can calming and objectively comment on the goings on of the final Grand slam of the year. So here goes:

Serena - GOAT. Seriously how can one not bow down to the greatest player ever to hold a racquet. She's unstoppable and seriously could be winning slams well into her 40s. I'm in awe, no one can really stop her on tour. She came back from a round 1 loss at RG to win the next two slams. She is the GOAT.

Aga - Girl please, you let yourself down and your fans down, and polish tennis down. This was her chance to shine, all that improvement over the last year, she should have been a semifinalist at the least. I'm glad I wasn't here to witness the gluttonous gloating that would have been the GM, but she deserved it. She needs to regroup and remember she took Serena to 3 sets at Wimbledon. She should be number 1 with a slam title and she needs to start believing that!

Vika - I'm not a fan but she impressed me, after that first set in the final she didn't cower and surrender like Maria would have, but she fought and broke Serena (when was the last time Maria did that). She really is the 2nd best player of the year, behind Serena...and she should be the Silver medalist, if she was on the other side of the draw she would have a Silver medal. The WTA should make her swap with Maria...its actually a joke. She showed serious guts playing Serena and she's well on the way to making Maria her bitch, she tore pova a new one!

Maria - Seriously dissapointed herself and let herself down out there. She only gets to the latter stages of the US open once every few years and then she blows losing it to her bitch-keeper Vika. If she was still engaged I would say retire now, but instead she has nothing else. Next year is going to see her tumble down the rankings because she's got finals to defend and her level of play has really dropped off from the start of the year. It was laughable watching her get bossed about by Petrova and Bartoli, players she used to own.

Errani - Wow what a year for a player with such limited talent. Next year will see a big fall.

Laura Robson - One hit wonder or a future top player?

Heather Watson - Any chance the British media would pay her any attention has now officially vanished. With Robson's "amazing" run, Heather is guaranteed to be payed dust by the media. If only she was an average looking white girl, then maybe reaching the 3rd round of wimby would be acknowledged.

Clijsters - Her career ending match kind of summed up her career.

Petrova - Great legs.
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Firstly you should go and look up what an 'objective' comment is in the dictionary before posting something that is literally dripping in bias :spit: But good for you, finding the spare time to post all that with the little bold font and underlining.
Bias? Where?

Did you read what I wrote about my fave Aga? I took her to task over her poor performance!
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