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Well after the match, in fact during the 3rd set (of course when we all knew Martina had blown it already) I just became really really angry at Martina :mad:

Why? I mean after 3 years without a grand slam, you work yourself up to this level. You have the best tournament out of everyone and is lucky enough that 2 potential threats to the title are not there in the beginning. You get to the final win the first set 6-4. Take an almost unbeatable lead of 4-0 and you still somehow manage to lose the match. I just became really angry at her and started thinking maybe she's just not cut out to be a great tennis player after all. I actually said Martina will never win a grand slam again & thought maybe she should retire.

Well I have calmed down since ;) and upon reflection she did a wonderful job. She actually continued playing even though I'm sure she knew she's lost (I would've walked off the court after set 2 and never return!) She did a wonderful gracious speech (I wouldn't have!) And she showed us what a professional she was and that she'd be back. Win or lose she'll still be #1 for me :)

Jennifer Capriati, whilst I don't like her for various other reasons, has to be applauded too. And guys don't hate her cause if you were in her shoes you'd do the same. I mean after all she is there to win!!! :confused:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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