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Some questions regarding the Wimbledon ticket ballot

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Hi, <br />Sorry but I cannot find any previous thread about the wimbledon ballot thing, but if there is anyone who can answer my questions.

1: Do you need to pay if you actual lucky enough o get one of the tickets?

2: If you win the ballot, do they give you one ticket or a pair?

3: Also, what is the mathematical chance of getting one?

4: Will there be any adavantage in applying using UK address or overseas address.

Thanks in advance

<br />Quentin
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1. Yes you have to pay if you are lucky in ballot

2. They can give either , but if you prefer just one , let them know and they can re-allocate the other ticket to someone else.

3. Chances of getting a ticket through AELTC ballot are very small , like 1 in 10,000 or so<br /> If you are a member of the LTA , then chances are better but the number of tickets they are given are small.

4) Chances of getting a ticket is the same whereever you live but you are only allowed one application per household.
Thanks TheBoiledEgg, I did not know the chance is so so small actually, but it is worth a try anyway.

TBE, is the chance of getting a ticket in the ballot really as bad as 1 in 10,000? (I thought it was about 1 in 5, but maybe I am very wrong!! <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> )

Quentin, I hope you apply for tickets anyway. If you haven't been before-is it is fabulous <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> (except when it rains!! <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> ) I think they usually allocate pairs of tickets but sometimes singles. But don't forget to get your letter to Wimbledon before the end of December!

Good Luck! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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Hi, <br />yeah I get everything ready, just going to try my luck, and hopefully I will be first time lucky, I mean even if I dun get it in the ballot, I may just go and queue up overnight anyway, coz it will be an experience, I would also love to go to US Open, it is so exciting and electric there.
I got lucky the first time I entered! I got tickets to the ladies final! So there's definitely hope...
Chances are very small but if you choose on the application form that you would like tickets for any of the dates then your chances get better as less people are involved.
Thanks for the advise, I did not know about the choosing date thing coz in their website they specifically said there is no choice of date?
I applied in 1999 and didnt get a ticket and then I applied in 2000 and did, so I tnik it is luck really

queuing up is the best experience, i have 3 times now.

i am not sure if u can apply from overseas? anyone know?<br />also for the US open can u apply for tickets from the UK?
You can apply whereever you live , from UK or abroad , chances are exactly the same.

the dates you choose is in the application form , it doesn't state on website.
Hi all, thanks for all the info and insights, just one more question for friend or anyone who can answer, how can I queue and what are the chances of getting decent ticket etc. Also, is there any chance of queuing for the quarterfinal or semifinal event??

Queueing is great. And it's not difficult at all to get tickets. I queued in 2000 the whole first week (monday-saturday) and I got a ticket each day.

You should know that 4 different types of tickets are sold to the people in the queue.

1. Center Court tickets <br />2. Court 1 tickets<br />3. Court 2 tickets<br />4. Ground tickets.

The tickets for the show courts also include ground admission. <br />Ground admission means that you can visit all other courts (court no 3.-court no. 19).

If you want to get Center Court tickets, you should spend the night in the queue. Last chance is at about 4 am.<br />If you want Court no. 1 tickets, you should be there at least at 5 am. I was lucky once and got the last ticked when I had joined the queue at 6 am.<br />If you want court no .2 tickets, you should be there at 6 am. Last chance is at about 6.30 am.<br />If you only want a ground ticket, It's enough to be there at 8 or 8.30 am. Then you only have to queue about 2 hours and wait another 1 and a half hours for the matches to begin. But you won't regret that time. <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <br />This is only valid for monday till friday. On saturday, there are much more people, so you should be there earlier.
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GoDominque and Snuffkin <br />wow, thanks for the info, sounds pretty good and clear for me, cannot wait for Wimbledon already

Friend, I have some info on tickets for the US Open from Ace tennis magazine-: It says tickets are on sale from the end of May. Write to US Open, USTA National Training Centre, Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, Flushing, N.Y. 11368 or telephone: 001 718 760 6253 or 001 212 239 6250. (Sorry, I'm not sure which phone number you should use of these two). As this was in a UK magazine I guess you can apply from overseas! Good Luck!
thanks for the info, I was planning to go to US open next year but.... cos of the terrorists I dunno if I want to..... it will be so different to how it was this year when I went,..... <br />if I do decide, what r the best tickets to get? i have heard that ground tickets are cool, and that show courts are a bit pants cos u get up in the gods or something?<br />can anyone advise?
thanks for reviving the topic, I received a confirmation letter two weeks ago from Wimbledon saying my address is put into the draw, I really am getting nervous already, I also joined the LTA memebership thing because a) I am entered into the special draw to increase my chance and b) I can get the issue of 'Ace' magazine for free, which when work out actually is cheaper than buying it individually. But having said that I think I will queue anyway for the first week if I do not have ticket, just need to find a companion. Also, I try to obtain ticket for the Davis Cup of Britain against Sweden, I cannot believe it is sold out so quickly,
Just a quick note for those who want to queue:

It's definitely great to get a center-court-ticket, and queueing overnight or from 4 am is certainly a great experience as well. BUT:

Once I sat in the stand of a show-court, someone with a red wristband (that means he had a center-court-ticket) sat next to me. He was sleeping. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

So if you fall asleep easily or don't want to be tired the whole day, just come at 8 am. I'm sure that, especially on the first 4 days, you won't be disappointed when you 'only' have a ground admission.
I would definitely recommend queuing up as well. I went for the first time this year, and I intend on doing it again next year. Just a great experience, everyone in the queue is so friendly, so anyone that has the opportunity to do it, you won't regret it! <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> . Even if it's ground passes for the 1st week, I think that's possibly even better than getting to a show court, because there's so many players to see on the outside courts.

I also managed to get tickets through the AELTC ballot last year as well, Centre Court as well on the first Tuesday, but I never knew the chances of getting a ticket was so small though, just as well I got lucky then! <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> . I'm applying through that again for this year, and also through the membership to the LTA, just hope I get some good news back in the new year! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Just a quick note as well to anyone who is thinking about trying to get a ticket for next year, remember that you've only got till the 31st to get your application in.
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