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Discussion Starter #1 pathetic as those who were booing Serena in the semi-final.

1. Justine may have been guilty of bad sportsmanship. At worst. On that point it was like a cauldron in there, with the noise and everything. Was she even fully aware of what Jorge Dias was going on about? Did he even know what he was going on about? So bad sportsmanship at best. Cheating, no way.

2. Serena's emotional outburst - which did come from the heart - I think was a reaction actually more to the fact that she lost (it hit her really hard), than the way she lost. She has every right to feel pissed off at the crowd, and even pissed off with Justine.... but you guys are definitely over-dramatising.

3. I'm not amazingly bothered if Justine will now be on certain Williams' fans 'hate' list. Great sportspeople are never without controversy, and part of the fact that this whole thing has boiled up is because SERENA LOST THE MATCH (and she cried). Serena admitted that this point did not turn the match, and she won it there would not be the furore. Sure, it would have come up, but the bitterness stems from the fact that baby was beaten in the SEMI FINALS OF A GRAND SLAM. Where it really counts.

Get over it, because you know that Serena will. Great champion that she is.
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