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Simone Kalhorn--why does she keep getting WTA WC's?

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She got her fourth WTA main draw wild card into the doubles event in Dallas, despite being a borderline bagel girl. She's racked up a grand total of 7 games in her four matches, and is 3-14 for the year. Two of those wins came against local teams without rankings. And her two most recent WTA wild cards to DC and Dallas came directly after losing 6-0 6-2 in the first round of a 10K :eek: She also got five wild cards into doubles event at challengers and futures events this year. And four qualifying wildcards into WTA singles events, despite going 2-15 this year and having never beaten anyone inside the top 1,000.

So what gives? I know she's part of Luke Jensen's program at Syracuse University, but no WTA tournament director would look at her record and think she's ready for the pro tour. Is Syracuse paying for her wild cards? Is Luke?
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No locals available? :oh:
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