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<H1 align=center><Font Color="#FF99CC">Virtual Women's Tennis Tour</H1><H3>Join Today!</H3></Font> <img src="graemlins/bounce.gif" border="0" alt="[Bounce]" />

Hey Everyone! Welcome to VWTT (Virtual Women's Tennis Tour): The game where you become your favorite player and win by choosing the best team in the tournament. Below is how it is played.

1.First you pick a WTA Player to go by<br />2. Then right before the beginning of the REAL tournament, you will submit 5 players entered into the tournament (2 seeded, 2 unseeded, and 1 tiebreak player)...this part will be explained more fully below.

<br />Your Player will pick these 5 players as his/her team:<br /> 2 seeded players of the tournament<br /> 2 unseeded players of the tournament<br /> 1 tiebreak player used in case of a tie (Any player: seeded or unseeded)

Your Player earns points for every game your individual team of REAL player wins by in a set: (EXAMPLE: your player's team consists of Kim Clijsters, Venus Williams, Alexandra Stevenson and Daja Bedanova at next year's Australian Open. Below is an example of how many points your team would get).

ROUND 1<br /><UL>[*]Kim Clijsters wins Set #1 6-3(Points gained for set 1 would be 3)[*]Venus Williams wins Set #1 6-1 (Points for Set 1 would be 5)[*]Daja Bedanova wins Set #1 6-4(Points gained for Set 1 would be 2)[*]Alexandra Stevenson loses set #1 6-3 (In this case Alexandra lost set 1, so you would deduct points from the team's points for this set. Points deducted would be 3, since Alexandra lost by 3 games)[/list]

For total set points, you would add all the upper points together from your 4 players, so total set points would be 3 + 5 + 2 - 3 = 7

<H3>How winning a set is determined:</H3>

How well you do in the set and match, is determined by adding up your team of REAL PLAYERS points for the sets (which was explained above) and comparing your teams set points with your opponent's team points. Read below.

Example: Let x represent dividing Team 2 (with the least set points) by Team 1 points (who had more set points than team 2)--<br />If X is 0%, then the set is 6-0<br />If x is more than 0%, but equal to or less than 17%, the set is 6-1<br />If x is more than 17%, but equal to or less than 33%, the set is 6-2<br />If x is more than 33%, but less than or equal to 50%, the set is 6-3 <br />If x is more than 50%, but less than or equal to 67%, the set is 6-4 <br />If x is more than 67%, but less than or equal to 71%, the set is 7-5<br />If x is greater than 71%, the set is 7-6 and there will be a tiebreaker. <br /><UL>[*]Tiebreaker points will be determined by using the 5th player of your team (Hence the reason for choosing a player for the tiebreaker). The team whose tiebreak player wins by the most games in the set, will divide there tiebreak player’s points by the loosing team’s tiebreak player (Example: Team #1’s tiebreak player has 6-2, while Team #2’s tiebreak player has 6-4. Team #1 would win, because their tiebreak player won their set by 4 games, while Team #2’s won by only 2 games. Therefore, Team #1 wins the tiebreaker and set with 7/6(4)…since dividing 2/4= 50%…and 4/7 (which is the tiebreak score 7-4) is closest to 50%.[/list]

So, this is basically how the game works. If anything seems unclear to you about this game, please ask.

Also Note: Just because you choose to be a player, does not mean you have to choose that person when you pick your team of REAL players (Like if you choose to be Venus Williams, you do not have to pick Venus as one of your team of 5 at the Australian Open: the team you choose there is only to help win the tournament for Venus). The players you choose for your team will be the REAL WTA PLAYERS, during the time of A REAL tournament (get it?) Also, tournaments will take place during the time when the REAL tourmanet begins: like the Australian Open for this game will take place when the REAL Australian Open begins.

Currently the Adidas International tournament is already taken place, but you can still sign-up in time for the up-and coming Australian Open! The more players we have, the better.(So sign up!! hehe). Just reply below, which ONE WTA player you would like to be for this game (DO NOT list which players you would like to make up a team. You will do that when the draw sheet for the next tournament comes out and you know which players are playing. There is no priority for signing up, however, you cannot chose a player that is already taken.

Email: If you have any questions, you can post them here (obviously), but if you would like to email me, you can do so by sending it to <font color="red">[email protected]</font>

Here is a list of players already taken:

Jelena Dokic<br />Slivia Farina-Elia<br />Martina Hingis<br />Monica Seles<br />Iva Majoli<br />Anratxa Sanchez-Vicario<br />Maggie Maleeva<br />Gabriela Sabatini<br />Mary Pierce<br />Daja Bedanova<br />Jana Novotna<br />Justine Henin<br />Alexandra Stevenson<br />Lindsay Davenport<br />Venus Williams<br />Manuela Maleeva-Fragniere<br />Rachel McQuillan<br />Serena Williams<br />Martina Navratilova<br />Meghann Shaughnessy<br />Julia Jans<br />Amelie Mauresmo<br />Kim Clijsters<br />Chanda Rubin<br />Amanda Coetzer

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